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    • Every norm is a restriction of an order-unit norm 

      Çağlar, Mert; Ercan, Zafer (Scientific Technical Research Council Turkey-TUBİTAK, Ataturk Bulvarı No 221, Kavaklıdere, Tr-06100 Ankara, Turkey, 2016)
      We point out the equivalence of the fact that every norm on a vector space is a restriction of an order-unit norm to that of Paulsen's construction concerning generalization of operator systems.
    • Invariant Subspaces of Weakly Compact-friendly Operators 

      Çağlar, Mert; Mısırlıoğlu, Tunç (Scientific Technical Research Council Turkey-Tubitak, Ataturk Bulvari No 221, Kavaklidere, Tr-06100 Ankara, Turkey, 2012)
      We prove that if a non-zero weakly compact-friendly operator B on a Banach lattice with topologically full center is locally quasi-nilpotent, then the super right-commutant [B > of B has a non-trivial closed invariant ...