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  • PublicationOpen Access
    Incorporating Advising Strategies into One-to-One Tutoring: Effects on the Awareness Towards Vocabulary Learning
    (Kanda University of International Studies, 2021) Aydın, Doğuş; TÜTÜNİŞ, BİRSEN
    Language advising helps a language learner discover different ways of learning and enables him/her to make decisions for better learning. This paper reports on an inquiry conducted with one English language learner who had difficulty with vocabulary acquisition which led to a perceived lack of progress in learning. The main purpose of the research was to observe and interpret the experience of the learner in terms of how different teaching and learning strategies appeared to affect her vocabulary learning. Qualitative research instruments including a semi-structured interview and a diary were used for this study. The results showed an increase in the learner's control over her vocabulary learning process which was likely facilitated by the incorporation of language advising strategies into individual private tutoring.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Teacher Education and Foreign Language Teacher Professionalism in the 21st Century
    (Informascope, 2020) TÜTÜNİŞ, BİRSEN; Yalman, Duygu
    The quality of foreign language teaching improves so long as foreign language teachereducation quality is increased. However, it is not easy to measure the quality of ForeignLanguage Teacher Education (FLTE) programmes due to the factors related not to theprogramme but to the learner variables. It has been proved by the research (Sutton Trust2011) that improving teacher effectiveness has a great impact on learner outcomes. In the21st century, Professional development of the teacher has gained importance due to theprecedence given to the learners. For this reason frameworks and models have been proposedto enhance the quality of teacher education (i.e. NIE, VSK Model, 2009).This paper focuseson Teacher Education programme models and the criteria put forward by these models. Acomparison of Turkish and other FLTE programmes is given in order to bring clarity to theconcept of professionalism. The small-scale research results conducted in Turkish context(n81) to check upon foreign language teacher knowledge and beliefs on efficacy andprofessionalism are also displayed.