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    • Yaşama dokunan renk 

      Akbaş, Gamze; Erçetin, Arzu (2019)
    • Public Space and Ideal City Concept: a Journey Between Renaissance and Modernism 

      Aksoy Oral, Emine Merve (2019-10-25)
      In the Renaissance period, the first theoretical studies on urban planning and the search for order based on mathematical ratio, symmetry and human proportions are conducted. In addition to the physical space determined ...
    • Examining the Effectiveness of Group Studies and Individual Studies in Design Education 

      Aşçıoğlu, Merve (2019-10)
      Today's world considerably requires collaborating and co-working in professional life, especially in architecture and design field. However, during the higher education, especially in design field, for the design studio ...
    • The Creation of Space Through Architectural Representations in Architectural Design: Architectural Thinking 

      Küçükyazıcı, Ufuk (2019-10)
      Architectural representations have different meaning such as informative, creative, transformative, and reproductive according to the context, the use and the form of the representations. The architectural environment ...
    • The Urban Space of Network Society: Digital Flaneurs in the Age of Social Media 

      Iavarone, Ayşenur Hilal; Dursun Çebi, Pelin (2019-09)
      This paper stems from the idea that individuals in the network society have a new type of spatial perception and experience in the urban context. In this context, the study distinguishes itself from the discussions, such ...
    • A Discussion for Alternative Affordable Housing Types: Comparative Analysis of Urban Informalities 

      Küçükyazıcı, Ufuk; Alkışer Bregger, Yasemin (2019-09)
      Finding a shelter to dwell in at a reasonable price is a problematic issue for urban areas all over the world due to high values of urban land, lack of regulations about housing, and inequalities of income in society. The ...
    • İç Mekan Tasarımında Renk ve Malzemenin Önemi 

      Erçetin, Arzu; AKBAŞ, GAMZE (2019-09)
      însan yaşamının temel niteliklerinden biri olan renk kavramı yaşadığımız mekanların nitelenmesinde de büyük önem taşımaktadır. Psikolojik ve fizyolojik açıdan bir çok anlam ifade eden renk, mekanların nitelenmesi, tanımlanması ...
    • The Definition of Housing with EXPRESS 

      Türkyılmaz, Emrah; Bayer, Semih (2019-07-03)
      Building Information Modeling (BIM), is a system that uses effectively in all processes in projects. The aim of this system is to increase the quality and speed of interdisciplinary communication and to provide the most ...
    • Participatory Design Through BIM 

      Türkyılmaz, Emrah; Kızılkan, Berkay (2019-07-03)
      Today, the projects characterize by collaboration between multidisciplinary parties and are highly dependent on the communication between them. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the use of the computer-generated model ...
    • Karikatürlerde Konut Temsili: 1950-1970 

      Çetinel, Meltem (2019-05-23)
      Türkiye’nin konut tarihine, farklı disiplinler, zaman aralıkları veya temalar üzerinden odaklanan çok sayıda çalışma vardır. Bu çalışmaların bazılarının açıklayıcı ve bilgilendirici bir tonu olmakla beraber bazıları da ...