Güncel Gönderiler

  • Is Attar's Fotovvatname in Istanbul ... ? 

    Ceylan, Ömür (Ahmet Yesevi Univ, Mutevelli Heyet Baskanligi, Taskent Caddesi 10 Sok Nu 30, Bahcelievler, Ankara 06490, Turkey, 2013)
    Farid ud-Din Attar, one of the prominent and leading poets of Eastern literature, still keeps researchers busy not only with the valuable works he has left, but also with the numerous works doubtfully belonging to him. ...
  • Texts Of Yildizname, Falname And Taliname In The Context Of Ottoman Fortune-Telling Tradition 

    Gür, Nagihan (Milli Folklor Dergisi, Pk 336, Ankara, Yenisehr 06420, Turkey, 2012)
    The curiosity of mankind to learn about the future is also a part of his effort to give meaning to universe. This curiosity has led man, who for centuries aimed to seek the opportunity to learn about the future, to new ...