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dc.contributor.authorManav, Banu
dc.description.abstractColor in urban design has become an important issue, each city may present different colors which help to define and describe its architectural features. In the study, color in urban design with architectural setting is studied, facade colors are analyzed with a specific emphasis on the following research questions; Can color schemes be designed in respect to color-emotion associations? and Are color-emotion associations affective while designing architectural setting-urban environment?. Non-color experts, 170 people, from different European and non-European countries were asked to match the most appropriate adjectives with the given street views in accordance to their color schemes. In the first step, the effect of color is identified in relation to architectural environment-urban setting, second the relative effect of color is studied as a component of the material. A categorical specification on color cognition and linguistic level of representation is attempted. The results can be a starting point to highlight the importance of preparing color schemes in regard to color-emotion associations. Abstract color schemes may also provide us an idea about image setting, especially at design process stage. In the study, keywords are linked as environment-response pairs; such as quiet, calming, lively, exclusive, reserved, and natural. Human psychophysical structure such as warm-cool, heavy-light in regard to visualizing certain colors are evaluated and described in terms of building materials.tr_TR
dc.publisherWiley, 111 River St, Hoboken 07030-5774, NJ USAtr_TR
dc.relationColor Research and Applicationtr_TR
dc.subjectarchitectural settingtr_TR
dc.subjectcolor-emotion associationtr_TR
dc.subjectcolor schemestr_TR
dc.subjectPart IItr_TR
dc.titleColor-emotion associations, designing color schemes for urban environment-architectural settingstr_TR

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