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    • Smallest position value approach 

      Taşgetiren, Fatih; Chen, Angela; Gençyılmaz, Güneş; Gattoufi, Said (2009)
      In a traveling salesman problem, if the set of nodes is divided into clusters for a single node from each cluster to be visited, then the problem is known as the generalized traveling salesman problem (GTSP). Such problem ...
    • The Modified Fuzzy Art and a Two-Stage Clustering Approach to Cell Design 

      Özdemir, Rifat Gürcan; Gençyılmaz, Güneş; Aktin, Ayşe Tülin (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 360 PARK AVE SOUTH, NEW YORK, NY 10010-1710 USA, 2007-12-01)
      This study presents a new pattern recognition neural network for clustering problems, and illustrates its use for machine cell design in group technology. The proposed algorithm involves modifications of the learning ...