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    • Dynamics Of Viral Advertising 

      Binay Kurultay, Ayşe (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-04)
      Digital technologies have heightened the debate on convergence where technologies, corporations and people [target audiences] meet. New media has become a new meeting place and a social platform for people. As more brands ...
    • Küreselleşme Ve Küresel Markalaşma: Yerellik Ve Kültürel Göstergeler Bağlamında Pringles Örneği 

      Kınay, Ömür (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2013-04)
      It is no argument that the world has become an increasingly interactive place. This is an obvious result of globalization. In direct parallel to this, different brands have adapted their advertising strategies wherein ...