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    • From Neo-Corporatism to associative democracy: civil society's long and narrow path in the European Union 

      Zihnioğlu, Özge (Uluslararası İlişkiler Konseyi Derneği, Sogutozu Cad No 43, Tobb-Etu Bınası, Oda No 364, Sogutozu, Ankara 06560, Turkey, 2015)
      The existence at the European level of civil society organizations (CSOs), acknowledged nowadays as indispensable actors of both the integration process and the enlargement strategy of the European Union, has a long history. ...
    • Populism and Conservative Civil Society 

      Kourou, Nur Sinem (2018-06)
      There are many components and techniques which are driven by populist radical right parties from top to down. The most important issue can be seen here the populist radical right parties’ linkages with civil society ...
    • The 'Civil Society Policy' of the European union for promoting democracy in Turkey: Golden goose or dead duck? 

      Zihnioğlu, Özge (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon Ox14 4Rn, Oxfordshire, England, 2013-09-01)
      Golden goose' of European integration for some time now, EU's civil society policy displays a vivid example during Turkey's accession. This article queries the impact of this policy in the Turkish context, ultimately showing ...