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    • Altay Türklerinin Geleneksel Aile Yapısı 

      Kayhan, Shurubu (2018)
      Family institution is the oldest building stone of human history. Despite the changes in the social and human values of the family structure, their basic characteristics are the same. The establishment of the family, the ...
    • Kırgızlarda Evlilik Öncesi Kız Seçme Gelenekleri 

      Kayhan, Shurubu (2018)
      Kyrgyz girl before marriage choices are rich in tradition and customs are quite magnificent. When selecting a Kyrgyz girl will be established as of the family's integrity, and to continue to raise their children manners ...
    • Türk Dünyası Geleneklerinde Geçiş Dönemlerin (Doğum, Evlenme, Ölüm) Önemi 

      Kayhan, Shurubu (2018)
      Even if society has inherent in any society habits, continues centuries-old traditions and customs of the unconscious life. Traditions are unique sources that show the inner world and worldview of one nation. They are an ...