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    • Four-quadrant switch-mode gyrator 

      Dinçbakır, Cenk; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 2008-05-23)
      A gyrator design based on an inductor coupled double bridge converter is presented. It is shown that this gyrator can operate in four-quadrant mode by using bi-directional MOS switches without the necessity of any feedback ...
    • Inverse Dual Converter (IDC) for High Power DC-DC Applications 

      Ehsani, Mehrdad; Husain, Iqbal; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 1990)
      The inverse dual converter (IDC), suitable for high-power DC-DC conversion applications, is presented. The IDC is a voltage source converter with an AC link and has been derived from an inductor converter bridge. This ...
    • Torque Ripple Minimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor 

      Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Özbulur, Veysel; Sabanovic, A. (1995)
      This paper presents a simple technique to minimize torque ripple of a switched reluctance motor. The technique is based on the control of the sum of the square of the phase currents by using only two current sensors and ...