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    • Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence and neutron activation analyses of sediments from the Turkish coast of the west Black Sea 

      Akyüz, Tanıl; Akyüz, Sevim; Mukhamedshina, N. M.; Mirsagatova, A. A. (PARLAR SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS (P S P), ANGERSTR. 12, 85354 FREISING, GERMANY, 2003)
      Some surface sediment samples, collected from 10 sampling sites of the southwest part of the Black Sea in 1998, were analysed quantitatively by radioisotope energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and instrumental ...
    • Neutron Activation Analysis of the Metals From Ancient Coins Dating Back to Roman Age 

      Akyüz, Tanıl; Mukhamedshina, N.; Başaran, S.; Akyüz, Sevim; Mirsagatova, A. A.; Bolcal, Ertuğrul Cem; Güleç, A. (ASIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 11/100 RAJENDRA NAGAR, SECTOR 3,, SAHIBABAD 201 005, GHAZIABAD, INDIA, 2007-06)
      Concentration levels of various elements have been estimated in ancient coins dating back to Roman age, which have been found in a sewage system of the ancient Ainos (Enez, Turkey). The coins are distributed into two groups ...