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    • Avoiding Deadline Decay Under Transient Overloads 

      Swim, B.; Taylı, Murat; Benmaiza, M.; Woodward, M. (IEEE, 1995)
      Deadline scheduling policies based on stochastic computation times perform well in average but fail in presence of transient overloads, causing already scheduled tasks to miss their deadline. This paper presents an approach ...
    • Inverse dual converter (IDC) for high power DC-DC applications 

      Ehsani, M.; Husain, I.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, April 1993)
      A family of DC-DC converters suitable for high-power applications is introduced. The inverse dual converter (IDC) is capable of continuous voltage step-up or step-down control over a wide range of and without the need of ...