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    • Close-to-convex functions defined by fractional operator 

      Aydoğan, Seher Melike; Kahramaner, Yasemin; Polatoğlu, Yaşar (2013)
      Let S denote the class of functions f(z) = z + a2z2 + ... analytic and univalent in the open unit disc D = {z ∈ C||z| < 1}. Consider the subclass and S∗ of S, which are the classes of convex and starlike functions, ...
    • Janowski Starlike Log-Harmonic Univalent Functions 

      Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Deniz, Erhan (Hacettepe Univ, Fac Sci, Hacettepe Univ, Fac Sci, Beytepe, Ankara 06800, Turkey, 2009-04)
      Let h(z) and g(z) be analytic functions in the open unit disc D = {z vertical bar vertical bar z vertical bar < 1}, with the normalization h(0) = g((0))under bar> = 1. The class of log-harmonic mappings of the form f = ...
    • Some properties of certain analytic functions 

      Owa, Shigeyoshi; Yavuz Duman, Emel (2012)
      Applying the subordinations for analytic functions f(z) normalized by f(0) = 0 and f 0 (0) = 1 in the open unit disk U, some properties of f(z) are discussed.
    • Some Sufficient Conditions For Starlikeness And Convexity 

      Nunokawa, Mamoru; Owa, Shigeyoshi; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Çağlar, Mert; Yavuz Duman, Emel (Scientific Technical Research Council Turkey-Tubitak, Ataturk Bulvari No 221, Kavaklidere, Tr-06100 Ankara, Turkey, 2010)
      There are many results for sufficient conditions of functions f (z) which are analytic in the open unit disc U to be starlike and convex in U. In view of the results due to S. Ozaki, I. Ono and T. Umezawa (1956), P.T. ...