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    • A Decision Support Model for Customer Value Assessment and Supply Quota Allocation 

      Barbarasoğlu, G; Yazgaç, Ayşe Tülin (TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 11 NEW FETTER LANE, LONDON EC4P 4EE, ENGLAND, 2000-09)
      The aim of this study is to develop a decision support tool for a supplier in a value-chain environment. The supplier under consideration is assumed to provide a strategic product to a number of customers and needs to ...
    • Discussions On Suitable Modulation Schemes for a Bi-directional Hot Electron Light Emitter and Absorber 

      Wah, JY; Yenidünya, R; Boland-Thoms, A; Demirer, R. Murat; Balkan, N (IEE-INST ELEC ENG, MICHAEL FARADAY HOUSE SIX HILLS WAY STEVENAGE, HERTFORD SG1 2AY, ENGLAND, 2002-10)
      The hot electron light emitting and lasing semiconductor heterojunction (HELLISH) device is a novel emitter that utilises hot electron/hole transport parallel to the layers of an AlxGa1-xAs p-n junction containing GaAs ...