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    Assessment of the Risk of Pressure Ulcer During the Perioperative Period: Adaptation of the Munro Scale to Turkish
    (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2021) GÜL, ASİYE; Şengül, Tuba; Yavuz, Hafize Özge
    Aim of the study: This study was conducted to adapt the Munro Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scale (Munro Scale) to Turkish and to test its validity and reliability. Materials and methods: In the methodological study, the data were collected using the patient identification form, the Braden Scale, and the Munro Scale. A total of 188 patients were diagnosed for the risk of preoperative and intraoperative pressure ulcer, and then re-evaluated in the recovery room and in their bed. Results: The study group consisted of 81 (43.1%) males and 107 (56.9%) females with a mean age of 51.98 ± 16.87. The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin sampling adequacy test was 0.588 and the Bartlett's test was 430.471. The results of goodness of fit indices were not as expected value in the confirmatory factor analysis. In the exploratory factor analysis, it was determined that the factor loadings of the Munro Scale varied between 0.336 and 0.873 and explained 62% of the total variance. In the parallel-form method performed for the reliability of the scale, it was observed that there was a weak and negative correlation between the total scores of the Munro Scale and Braden Scales before the surgery and a negative and moderate correlation between the total scores after the surgery. The total Cronbach's alpha value was found to be 0.504. In the reliability analysis of the scale, interrater correlation coefficients were found to be 0.865-0.998.
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    Survey on the Knowledge Level and Attitudes of University Students About Human Papilloma Virus Infection and Vaccination and Assessing Healthy Living Behaviors
    (Springer Heidelberg, 2022) Tosun, Hale; GÜL, ASİYE; Yazıcı, Saadet
    Aim This study was carried out to determine the knowledge and attitude about human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and vaccination and healthy lifestyle behaviors of female university students. Subject and methods Students completed a form containing socio-demographic data and questions about HPV infection and vaccination and the Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Scale-II (HLBS). For the analysis of the data, percentage, mean, standard deviation, T-test, and one-way ANOVA test were used in independent groups. Results The mean age of the female students was 19.53 +/- 1.57. Of the students, 74.7% (n = 470) had no knowledge about cervical cancer, 80.6% (n = 507) had no knowledge about HPV, and 1.7% (n = 11) had had the HPV vaccination. "Not know" to all the statements about HPV infection and vaccination is high in general. The total score of the HLBS was 126.43 +/- 17.70. The mean scores of the HLBS subgroup were the highest in the aspects of spiritual development and interpersonal relations. The HLBS total scores of those who know about the HPV vaccine were higher than those who do not know and those who have insufficient knowledge. Conclusion Knowledge of HPV infection and vaccination is important for young women. It is necessary to develop healthy lifestyle behaviors during university education.
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    Online Child Sexual Abuse: Prevalence and Characteristics of the Victims and Offenders
    Today, with the widespread use of the internet, online child sexual abuse, facilitated through the rise in malicious sites that offer perpetrators the opportunity to interact with children, has emerged. Online child sexual abuse involves the obtaining, displaying, collecting, and distributing of sexual content for the purpose of deriving sexual satisfaction from a child. Online child sexual abuse threatens community mental health in terms of the harm it can cause to the mental health of children and families. The relevant literature includes only a limited number of studies on online child sexual abuse, with most focusing on child pornography. In this review, a definition of online child sexual abuse and its characteristics, the prevalence of online sexual abuse, and the characteristics of online child sexual abuse victims and offenders are presented in the light of the current literature. In addition, the review also provides information on how pedophilic culture facilitates child sexual abuse and, on the strategies, criminals employ to avoid being caught. The increased amount of time spent online and the development of new strategies by criminals escalates the risk of children being exposed to sexual abuse online. Therefore, it is crucial that online child sexual abuse be detected and prevented to protect community mental health. This review aims to raise awareness in mental health professionals by presenting information on online child sexual abuse literature and to contribute valuable data to future studies on this subject.
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    Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Quality of Life After Sleeve Gastrectomy
    (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2020) Üstündağ, Hülya; GÜL, ASİYE; Özkaya, Birgül; Zengin, Neriman
    The aim of this study was to evaluate healthy lifestyle behaviors and the quality of life of obese individuals in 3-12 months after sleeve gastrectomy. The study is a descriptive design and was conducted at the obesity surgery outpatient clinic of a government hospital between May and December 2017. The study sample included 172 patients agreeing to participate. Data were gathered with a questionnaire composed of questions about sociodemographic features, the Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II (HPLP II), and the WHO Quality of Life BREF-TR (WHOQOL-BREF-TR). The total HPLP II score was above average; participants had the highest and lowest scores for the subscales spiritual growth and physical activity, respectively. The total score for the WHOQOL-BREF-TR was above average. The highest and lowest scores were obtained for the subscales psychological health and social relations, respectively. There was a significant correlation between the scores for HPLP II and its subscales and the scores for WHOQOL-BREF-TR. Promotion of health and a healthy lifestyle need to be an integral part of health services provided for patients after sleeve gastrectomy.
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    Cultural Beliefs of Turkish Women for Breast Cancer and Screening
    (SAGE Publications Inc., 2021) Tosun, Hale; Andsoy, Işıl Işık; GÜL, ASİYE
    Introduction: Breast cancer is an important health problem and early diagnosis is important in its treatment. Women's approach and cultural beliefs are effective in ensuring early diagnosis. This study examined psychometric properties of the Ferrans Cultural Beliefs Scale and assessed cultural beliefs on breast cancer and screening programs among Turkish women. Method: The study was performed in a descriptive and cross-sectional design with 420 women using the Ferrans Cultural Beliefs Scale that is considered reliable and valid in Turkey. Results: The mean total score of the Ferrans Cultural Beliefs Scale was 3.24 +/- 3.16. The highest "yes" responses were for the statement "If breast cancer is treated correctly, it can be cured" (n = 387, 92.1%). Discussion: This study, which is the first in Turkey, highlights the importance of measuring the effects of Turkish healthy women's cultural beliefs in breast cancer and screening for early diagnosis. Determining women's cultural beliefs will make known the attitudes and behaviors toward breast cancer, so that the nurse will provide sensitive and effective nursing care, develop nursing knowledge, and integrate this knowledge with clinical practice.