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    Analysis of The Program Titled ‘‘Mr.Gadgets’’ In The Contex of The Effects of Today’s Media Productions on Development for Early Childhood
    (2018-06) Sansarcı, Emin; Bayram Tuncay, Eylem; 20382
    Psychology is also dejined as the science of mind so it can prove that it is so important to observe and read the artist' state of mind as a sum of his life experiences and the view of life during the creation of work. For this reason, the most basic requirements for the correct reading of art works can be organized as; the information about the life of the artist who created the art, the spiritual process es of the artist and the style of the artist. This work aims to reveal the relationship between psychology and works of art that can be deseribed as one of the essence and most concrete rejlections of the human saul. To rejlect psychology, which is rejlected in works of art in many different disciplines, with the most obvious examples to the work within the limitations of working; Vincent Van Gogh, the forerunner of the expressionism movement in the art of painting, and his seven works can be summarized as the analysis of the artist' emotional state rejlected in these works. Expressionism is that the artist rejlects the subject by adding his/her emotions on the work. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is at the extremities of the depression at the moment of mania, which is seen with the exacerbations and calm-ability. Vincent Van Gogh 's emotional state and how these rise andfalls were rejlected to his work were examined by the letters he wrote to his brother Theo for seventeen years. The examination shows that he science ofpsychology is required to be added to the materials required for the correct readability of the artworks, as well. This also shows that the relationship between psychology and artistic work is worth for being examined. The works selectedfor analysis of the studyare: Stil! Life with Open Bible, Extunguished Candie and Novel, Sarrow, Selj-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Selj-Portrait with Strow Hat, Cafe Terrace at Night, The Night Cafe, Daubigny's Garden.
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    The Effect Of Deceptive Advertising On Consumer Behaviors: A Research Gsm Sector
    (Int Scientific Conference Sgem, 14, Kilment Ohridsky Blvd, Sofia, 1797, Bulgaria, 2010) Çelik, Evren; TR141892
    As it is well-known, deceptive advertising has effects on consumer behaviors. This deceptive advertising ads are misleading the consumer perceptions by using demographic characteristics of consumers. They show behavioral differences that have been revealed in various literature researches. The internet and other technological tools can be used to convince the consumers. Young consumers compares competing products or services, investigate them in detail, and then intend to buy them. This research is based on the ways of misleading ads regarding products or services. In other words, research is based on how consumers will create a reaction to the product-related ads giving information. In our research we analyze the young and educated consumer profile, technological monitoring and brand loyalty of people. As it can be noted that products, services and brands ads convince people much easier to give up to texture. Face to face in our work with pre- and post-tests will also support the forming the survey.