Cilt 5 Sayı 3 / Volume 5 Issue 3

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    Açık Erişim
    Çalışır Fakat Kullanılamayacak Durumdakı Nesneler Üzerine Kültürel Ve Politik Bağlamda Diyalektik Bir Deneme
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2015-07) Arayıcı, Osman; TR138021
    When the location is taken as object of consumer society , consumption is not only an element of the passive, but also aesthetic and ethical decisive factor in the society to which it belongs as an element, because of this reason ,it can be located both in both brackets and in the poem means in the cultural and political level. Elitist approach is away in the conception of space from ornamental and display of all types which no practical function , While the application of modern Turkey completely worthless, Academic and critic of media criticism and have a highly developed class is a theoretical ground so ironic. Almost no practical function is not completely imitation, who have never been without, without allowing any to be found, When the carrying value of the axis, the object poses a major problem to refrain from even been the object of economic and cultural indicators as second or lower short on the debate as to whether, even if you need to focus. It can be criticized in the cultural context of such decorations and , or as the truth or falsity of political memorabilia placing the action in a manner that appeals open to discussion depending on the observer. Such exhibits an attitude of today's consumer society all their openings or implied ideology, promote and unfortunately is an attitude that puts the discussion. The venue has reached saturation aesthetically cultural or a narrower frame showing great force resistance also such a consumption experience, rural town besieged city to seize the life of the city and urbanity in on all cultural and political attitudes of an undefined culture as to what the result of castration is also associated .
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    Açık Erişim
    Fetiş Nesnesinin Tasarlama Eylemindeki İzdüşümleri Üzerine Bir Deneme
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2015-07) Öztürk, Özkal Barış
    Basic dynamic of continued existence which is called as design action , In accordance with the boundaries of human thought that methodological diversity of supply;therefore it has a structural type will find numerous subjective concepts of self contained. In this study, it said that one of the principal concepts fetish designing action on which the point where find it and found that this place as well as the actual location must be found - defines relations in line - this is a theoretical reading test runs markup. The main source of this essay is throughout of study that criticism the majority of those operating quantitative process the main referee who can put some distance between this is mostly qualitative depth.
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    Açık Erişim
    Eğitimci Gözüyle Tasarımda Yaratıcılık Söylemi
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2015-07) Apaydın, Banu; TR126210
    People's life experiences, by feelings, thoughts and imagination are changed the perception of reformatting existing trends and make the search for solutions to problems where querying the environment has been continued from the past to present. This action can be described as design is the continual changes throughout history and is a result of the world order. Therefore, various methods have been developed in order to reach a correct conclusion and designing action, these methods as theory and practice are tested and has been developed many educational model. Methods that are common concept of such training models; It is to promote and develop creativity. Between 11-Apr- June 13, 2013 at Salt Galata, Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University, 6. Within the International Student Triennial "Connecting The Dots / Points My Combining" themed "Point Detail: selective perception" was conducted a workshop titled. A method of how to service the design action with said the workshop aims to theoretically what they learned during the training of a designer considering developing methods for creativity in design and implementation work is to increase the awareness of students with the proposal. The process of design through the eyes of educators such discourse is a discourse of creative work and outcomes.
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    Açık Erişim
    İç Mimaride Loft Tasarımı
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2015-07) Erdemir, Zuhal
    Loft concept is indicated as “Loft, attic" or "on the top floor, so the floor immediately below the roof. Initially, while the roof or the floor immediately below the roof meaning, "warehouse, commercial building" has been added also. Loft is converted back to the housing of the old factory building or warehouse space by the time. Firstly, Loft spaces are preferred by artists such as painters and sculptors have been used as a residence and studio. In this way, they meets the needs of both work and living areas as well. The most important reason to choose Loft spaces by Artists is the solution for the problem of homelessness that it allows the use of both different and cheap. Heating or plumbing is such as being open hardware or walls often have a style that did not originate from the bare concrete or masonry, it is a temporary situation created by the cheap housing.
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    Tasarımda Disiplinlerarası Yaklaşım-Mekan Ve Grafik Tasarım İlişkisi
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2015-07) Kutlu, Rana; TR59581
    Nowadays the concept of “identity” is worked on diligently as a marketing strategy and deemed as an important tool in concept works of design disciplines of different scales through physical space, which reaches out to consumers. In this study, impacts of identity on spatial design are discussed in terms of interdisciplinary communication and tools used for transferring the meaning, which transforms identity into image are listed. Besides, the impact of spatial design on users’ perception are explained in connection with graphic design, architecture and interior architecture. Tools used for meaning transfer, which play a role in defining and developing design based on identity are evaluated together with identity and image creating processes.