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    Yeni Medyada Haber Dili (Ayşe Paşalı Olayı Üzerinden Geleneksel Medya Ve İnternet Haberciliği Karşılaştırması)
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Yurdigül, Yusuf; Zinderen, İ. Etem; TR48286; TR101228
    The news subject is the primary subject emphasized diligently by the media studies. The news, which develops and transforms the knowledge and interest of the society, and which recreate the reality according to structure, technology and the ideology of media organizations, has been the guarantee of reliability of the media organizations most of the time, as well as their quality and prestige. Whether be it traditional media or the social media, the language used in the text of a news story is indispensable in terms of the credibility of the news, although it's claimed that the image used defends any event or idea, and the language is only a complementary element. The Ayse Pasali murder, which occupies Turkey's agenda over the news on the violence against women, was chosen as the case study to illustrate the differences in the news language used in the traditional and social media. The news covered in newspapers and Internet news sites on the Ayse Pasali murder will be examined by the comparative content analysis method, and the differences on news languages will be put forward.
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    Yazılı Basında Ve İnternet Gazeteciliğinde Kullanılan Haber Fotoğraflarının Karşılaştırılması
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Uçak, Olcay; TR101950
    Photograph, enter a new process in the transformation of traditional media into digital media. Thereby photograph is the most important transporter of the visual culture in the internet environment. The photograph whose area of usage continues to expand from science to industry, from communication to education become widespread more quickly by the development of technology. In media, the usage of photo offer alternative options to reporters that they can transfer meanings which they are not able to fit in the written texts. The photo’s characteristic of recording events carry a meaning of the power it has got. This power, with the high-speed the photo transfer gets in the digital environment increases its importance. In this study, news photos which are used in internet course as a means of communication and expresssion will be analyzed by the method of semiotics. By comparing the photograph analysis to be made with the photo datas used in printed media, the present stage in the environment of newspaper and internet will be discussed.
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    Visual Aesthetic Expression On User-Generated Content By The Net Generation (Existence, Roles, And Opportunities In Cyberspace)
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Amin, Hasanah Md.
    The overload content on Internet, has a direct connection with cyberspace particularly UGC. The space, the content, the creator, and the user are the complete component of cyberspace. The existence of cyberspace and its growing contents is real and overwhelming, where the creator roles is becoming demanding, and user opportunities are growing high. Visual as one of the properties of cyber contents is increasingly becoming more significant and popular amongst creator and user. Visual with aesthetic power could impress, influence, and favor biasness amongst the user. The content creator who knows how to manipulate this visuals and aesthetic expression can dominate the scenario and user who is ‘expressive literate’ will gain much from the scenes. User who understands visual aesthetic will be rewarded with competence, confidence, and certainly, a personality enhanced experience in carrying task when participating in this chaotic but promising cyber world. This article with the support of public-opinion polls and discussion forums explains the complete component of cyberspace, revealing some possible cognitive meanings, and emotional values behind it existence, it roles, and the opportunities offered by visual aesthetic.This is a space of opportunities where the ideal is - not ‘what you want’, but ‘how you want it to benefits you’.
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    Türkiye’de En Çok Tercih Edilen Vakıf Üniversitelerinin Görsel Kimlik Tasarımlarının Analizi
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Sungur, Suat; TR58669
    Today, the need for products and services provided by the institutions and the agent has ceased to function physically. This has added a different dimension institutions of different items from other competitors, marketing strategies and visual identities of the identity of the product and service. In this competitive environment, the differences between corporate identity and visual identity, design elements that are effective in the process, memorable and distinctive features of the visual identity of the institution have become important elements to consider in the design stage. In a highly competitive market this study aims to demonstrate the importance of the differentiation of visual identity and its returns using examples from 2011 according to OSYM data in the list of the most preferred top three foundation universities and analyze the visual identity designs of these universities. As a result of the study, the idea of creating a memorable visual identity based on the characteristics of these institutions and their own distinctive visual identity differences in this competition has been emphasized.
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    Powerful Weblogs: Design And Semiotic Description
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Nikos, Fahantidis; Ifigeneial, Vamvakidou; Antonis, Traoudas; Ilias, Michailidis; Lazaros, Papoutzis
    Blogs are a very important "tool" for professionals and individuals wishing to promote products, services, thoughts, ideas, news. It is one of the most important channels of communication which brings them into contact with a very important public figure, the internet. Creating a blog is not a simple process but a complex mixture of different points and signs. In the present work we make an effort to define well-known blogs using semiotics. Our research material consists of the 20 most visited blogs, according to the list appearing in the «Technorati» blog search tool. For the analysis of the visual material we use the Grammar of Visual Design by Kress G. & Van Leeuwen T. (1996), a methodology based on the theory of Systemic Functional Grammar, which is the main subject of Halliday M. (1994). More specifically, in order to understand the power of weblogs, we are searching for: a) the mechanisms of organization and reconstruction of reality (representations), b) the production of meanings or even new ideologies by words and images (discourse) and c) the precise form and structure, signifiers and absences. It seems that web-blogs are creating a timeless space regulated by a nameless founder where the bits of information given although pointing to a specific date are part of a virtual non-time continuum.
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    Markaların Kişilik Arketiplerinin Algılanması Üzerine Bir Araştırma
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Yakın, Volkan; Ay, İfakat Canan; TR249493; TR10183
    It is a well known reality that strong brands hold strong personalities. Therefore, building up a brand personality became an issue of increasing importance in branding efforts - especially in today's digital age. This paper investigates the perception of brand personality through personality archetypes, which is related to Jung’s collective unconscious and archetype theory. For this purpose, an online research was conducted with one hundred college students. To begin with, the students were informed about the meaning of the twelve personality archetypes at the online research site. After this introduction, various print advertisements were presented and the students were asked to indicate which archetypes they perceive in each print. The results show that different product categories are reflected and represented by the different archetypes. It is also noted that men and women have different archetype perceptions for some of the prints.
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    Exposure To Authentic Audiovisual Programs In Informal Setting And Language Learning
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2012-07) Bahrani, Taher
    Today, various audio-visual technologies are developing by sharing and showing a variety of programs to both instruct and entertain different audience. These developments offer many possibilities for teachers to utilize different programs as various sources of authentic language input to construct activities for enhancing language learning. In the same line, the present paper aimed at providing empirical evidence on the effect of exposure to various audio-visual programs on language proficiency of differentiated language proficiency levels language learners in informal setting. To this end, 75 language learners majoring in TESL were assigned to 3 language proficiency levels based on the scores obtained by them from an IELTS pre-test: low (N=25), intermediate (N=25), and upper-intermediate (N=25) levels. During the study all the participants were asked to have exposure to their preferred audio-visual program(s) in informal setting and keep track of the amount and type of exposure. At the end of the study, another IELTS test was administered to all the participants to find out which language proficiency level(s) language learners could improve their language proficiency more. The results of the post-test were indicative of the fact that intermediate and upper-intermediate language learners improved their language proficiency more. The data obtained from the self-report sheets also showed that the intermediate and upper-intermediate participants had more exposure to news than other programs.
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    Dijital Ortamda Marka İletişimi: Tekstil Sektöründe Moda Bloglarının Tüketici Üzerindeki Etkisi
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2012-07) Yengin - Ataman, Didem; Sağıroğlu, Yakup
    Information and communication technologies are developing and changing with each passing day. All these changes have a great impact on society's life style. With the ripple effect of internet usage people get advantages about money and time saving. Therefore, individuals take a place on digital media. On the other hand, brands aware of this change and tend to blogs. This is an effective way for brands to liaise with their customer base. They can inform their customers about specific products and business community. Also, blogs are forcible about networking to increase their sales. Furthermore, many people will be heaped together by digital media.Therefore, this exposes to get different ideas and digital media merge into "a digital commumication society". Besides these, it has an important effects for brands to create customer loyalty and customer sense .Customers can think and commit their thoughts to writing. Consequently, this is a supportive way for managements to influence their customers. İn this context, survey will be applied on sample group to analyze fashion blogs' effects on their customers. Research results will be apprised on the basis of " brand loyalty".
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    Research On Websites Of 43 Publıc Relations Agency Members Of Public Relations Society Of Turkey (Tühid) In Aspect Of Public Relations
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2012-07) Aydınalp - Ilıcak, Ş. Güzin; TR111134
    Nowadays public relations studies have entered a more effective process via recent media tools. In this study, the websites of 43 public relations agency members of Public Relations Society of Turkey (TÜHİD) are being evaluated in aspect of public relations. When considered from this point of view, the websites of the agencies in question have been analyzed in terms of company information, communication attempts, media relations, corporate identity, corporate publications and interaction. The study has been designed using content analysis method of qualitative research methodology to research the websites of aforesaid 43 public relations agencies. Since the websites of 12 agencies are under construction, the rest 31 websites have been taken under review. The data obtained from this study has revealed to what extent the websites of public relations agencies are being appropriately and effectively used in terms of public relations techniques.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Kültürel Alanda Reklam Ve İletişim Stratejisi
    (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2012-07) Kılanç, Ruken Özgül; TR28343
    The media, which offers limitless possibilities, represents the interlocking cultural environment of our day; television series, advertisements, competitions, virtual platforms present at the same time all around the world and the loneliness created by these environments underline the value of digital mediums. Television has a huge role as a digital advertising mean; as a medium that calls out to the five senses, it has an effective role as a medium. Furthermore, because television can reach out to more than one person in the same environment at the same time, it also serves as a cultural forger. Individuals living away from their homelands use television in order to keep their ties with their home countries. There are specific advertisements targeted at these migratory cultures; these advertisements keep communities together as they are equipped with visual indicators that uphold traditional customs and values. Thus institutions uphold their missions, visions and ideolojies through the advertisement or the name of the brand advertised. In our study, we will be looking at the visual reflection of brand advertisements directed at people living away from their home countries and how institutions impose their ideolojies visually. UsingMarshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message” statement, cultural indicators used to convey the ideological messages will be determined. In this study, a survey was conducted with Turkish immigrants living in Holland; through this survey, their cultural ideology was determined. In the advertisement chosen, the links between the ideological approach of the brand name and the ideological approach of the immigrants was evaluated and analyzed.