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    Exploring the Impact of Digitalized Learning and Teaching Systems on the Big Five Personality Traits
    (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2023) Arslan, Ezgi Yıldırım; Yıldırım, Osman; KAYNAŞ, TAYFUN; Atanasov, Koycho
    As information technologies develop, educational technology tools develop and differentiate in parallel. Effective and easily applicable technological learning methods have great effects on both learning styles and teaching styles and even transform them. Keeping in mind the contributions of learning technologies to the learning environment, this chapter aimed to examine the effects of flipped learning styles on students’ personality traits. For this purpose, research data were collected by applying a face-to-face survey to 362 higher education students who accepted voluntary participation, and the obtained data were evaluated and interpreted with the help of statistical analysis. According to the analysis findings, important relationships emerged between the sub-dimensions of the flipped learning sub-dimensions of a model known as the big five models. For example, a flexible environment was found to be explained by 12.9% of personality traits, conscientiousness, extraversion, and openness to experience dimensions. One aspect that unifies this research is that educators’ attention is drawn to the points where the development of information technologies forces them to go beyond the classical classroom face-to-face teaching methods.
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    A Visual Basic Software For Computing of the One Dimensional Heat Equation by Using B Spline Solution
    (2009-07) Çağlar, Hikmet; Çağlar, Nazan; Özer, Mehmet; CUHACI, LEVENT; 112369
    Microsoft Visual Basic® has been used for developing a software for the one- dimensional heat equation. We have solved the equation by means of a computer and developed user-friendly software with a graphical user interface. The numerical solution of the equation is visually illustrated. The software does not require familiarity with any new environment and is highly flexible; it can also easily be adapted to other experimental methods.
  • Publication
    Eğitimde e-kütüphane kullanımı. First International Conference on Innovations in Learning for the Future: e-Learning
    (2004-10) Erbaş, T.; Ataseven, S.; Tekin, Murat; Azaklıoğulları, Mehmet Ünal; Bolcal, Ç.; 141291
  • Publication
    Mastektomi sonrası göğüs duvarı ışınlaması yapılan cilt tutulumlu olgularda bilgisayarlı planlama ile hesaplanan cilt dozlarının invivo kontrolü
    (1998-10) Görken, İ. B.; Alanyalı, H.; Bozkurt, İ.; Demiral, A. S.; Tekin, Murat; Düzen, M.; Kınay, M.; 107192
  • Publication
    Yüksek doz hızlı brakiterapi (YDH) utero-vaginal uygulamalarda optimizasyon çalışması
    (1998-10) Ataman, Ö. U.; Tunçel, N.; Çetingöz, R.; Tekin, Murat; Kınay, M.; 107192
  • Publication
    Evaluation of dose distribution of an extremity irradiation with and without water bolus
    (Radiotherapy Oncology, Journal of The European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 1998-09) Çetingöz, R.; Tekin, Murat; Tunçel, N.; Tanrıver, Y.; Ataman, Ö.; Şen, M.; Kınay, M.; 107192
  • Publication
    Rectum dose analysis of intracavitary applications in gynecologic cancers
    (1998-04) Çetingöz, R.; Ataman, Ö. U.; Tunçel, N.; Alanyalı, H.; Tekin, Murat; Şen, M.; Kınay, M.; 107192
  • Publication
    Defect Detection for Ceramic Materials by Continuous Wavelet Analysis
    (Kaunas Univ Technology Press, K Donelaicio 73, Kaunas Lt 3006, Lithuania, 2011) Kaynaş, Tayfun; Akıncı, Tahir Çetin; Yılmaz, Özyazgan; Özgiray, M.; Şeker, S.; 141423; 40367
    In this study, it is achieved to detect internal or surface cracks that can occur in the production of ceramic plates by using the method of impulse noise. Ceramic materials are often used in the industry especially as kitchenware of in areas such as construction sector. Many different methods are used in the quality assurance processes of ceramic materials. In this study, impact noise method is examined. This method is a test technique which is not used in the applications. The method is presented as an examination technique based on whether there is a deformation on the material according to the sound coming from the ceramic material as a result of a plastic bit hammer impact on the ceramic material. The application of the study is performed on plates made of ceramic materials. Ceramic double plates, made up of same materials, with same features, but in different models, are used therein. One of these ceramic double plates, both of which are completely in kind, is intact, and the other is cracked. Impulse noises, having arisen from the equal impulse power applied on these intact and cracked plates of same model were examined via wavelet analysis. By means of the applied method, it is seen to have shown significant results in distinguishing intact and cracked plates. Having the frequency and magnitude dimensions of the damages on the plates also examined by means of the applied analysis, significant distinguishing findings are attained therefrom.
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    Electrochromic Properties of Sol-gel Deposited Ti-doped Vanadium Oxide Film
    (ELSEVIER SCIENCE SA, PO BOX 564, 1001 LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND, 1999-01) Özer, Nilgün; Sabuncu, Sevsen
    Titanium-doped vanadium pentoxide, (100 - x)V2O5.xTiO(2) films with compositions ranging from 0 to 20 mole % titanium were prepared by using sol-gel dip coating techniques. Highly transparent (100 - x)V2O5.xTiO(2) films With properties superior to vanadium oxide were formed. The coating solutions were prepared by reacting vanadium tri-isopropoxide oxide and titanium tetra-isopropoxide as precursors and anhydrous isopropanol as solvent. The films were formed on transparent conducting substrates by a dip coating technique and heat treated at 300 degrees C for 1 h. The films were characterized by cyclic voltammetry, optical spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy +/- SEM, and X-ray diffractometer (XRD). XRD results show that the films heat treated at temperatures below 400 degrees C were amorphous. The electrochemical lithium insertion shows that (100 - x)V2O5.xTiO(2) films exhibited good recharge ability of Li+/e(-) insertion/extraction process. Spectroelectrochemical measurements from 300 to 800 nm show that (100 - x)V2O5;O-5.xTiO(2) films exhibit weak cathodic coloration in the near uv and weak anodic coloration from 500 to 800 nm. It was observed that the addition of titanium resulted in marked improvement in the electrochromic behavior. This was especially seen for vanadium pentoxide doped with 5 mole % titanium. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved.