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  • PublicationOpen Access
    Triggering Corporate Sustainable Performance in Construction Sector Through Green Training: Moderating Effect of Barrier in Construction Management
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) WARIS, IMRAN; İlayda Ülkü
    This study aims to explore the key determinants of green training and investigate its impact on sustainable performance moderated by construction barriers. Moreover, to fill the theoretical mechanism that is highlighted and fill the gaps for sustainable performance. The research employed SPSS/PROCESS and follows a cross-sectional research design. Data from 225 employees were collected using a convenience sampling technique from the construction sector. This study highlights the green training to transform green employee behavior that leads to corporate sustainable performance through green recruitment and hiring, giving rewards and appraisals based on the achievement of desired objectives. Last, a study shows in the construction sector of Pakistan that responsible leadership plays a significant role between green training and corporate sustainability performance. This study gives extensive knowledge in green training and corporate sustainability performance. In the future, longitudinal studies due to the study's significance will be more acceptable. This study highlights the gaps and provides insight to the managers, policymakers, and practitioners of sustainable environment and performance. The current study fulfills the need to explore green training in developing economies like Pakistan. These studies are critical in developing countries, where alarming situations have arisen about the environment and poorly implemented government regulations.
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    A Novel Approach for Improving Profitability in the Construction Industry
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) HEIDAR, BASHIR HUSSAIN; Duygun Fatih Demirel
    With the increase in population and population density in cities, the construction industry has grown significantly. The number of towers and skyscrapers are increasing every day. The need for vertical transportation is one of the irreplaceable needs. Hence, many elevator companies have emerged. One of the main challenges for elevator companies is to compete with other companies in the industry. Establishing a company in the market, attracting customers to buy their products and elevators, serving customers, and developing the business and financial strength of elevator companies by having a proper plan in sales and marketing are the critical issues of managers and founders of companies. By analyzing the existing elevator companies and the needs of customers in this industry, company's management can find the weaknesses and strengths of the companies and based on it, adopt a better strategy to serve more customers in the market. This study provides a novel and useful method, named as Accompany Index Method (AIM) to develop in profitability in a firm. The novel and innovative method is implemented by examining the type of customer demands, project regions division, products and services type, and organizing other project details in different categories of attributes. The AIM method applied to the data of an elevator company located in Dubai, which will guide the management of this company to perform projects by considering elevator modernization and sales of the parts. In addition, the translation of the results shows that some of the attributes like "villa lifts", "maintenance" and "elevator repair" should not consider in AIM to filter the high profitable projects. Considering the dependent attributes and independent attributes at the same time is the advantage and difference of AIM method with other analyzing methods. In some cases, improvement in one attribute condition will give an opposite effect on other profitable attribute improvements, which is the paradox, and with "AIM" this paradox will solve.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Forecasting of Turkey's Total Electricity Consumption in Sectoral Bases Using Machine Learning Algorithms
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) HAJJAR, MHD KHAIR; İlayda Ülkü
    Turkey is considered to have one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and electrical energy is a milestone in the economic growth of each country. Therefore, it is important to have an idea about the upcoming electricity consumption. Various methods were used in previous studies for forecasting electricity consumption. This study forecasts the sectoral and total electricity consumption in Turkey until the year 2050. This study utilizes two distinct Time series forecasting methods, namely Multilayer perceptron (MLP) and sequential minimal optimization (SMO) as a model to generate the forecasting formulas. The sectoral and total electricity consumption for Turkey from the year 1970 to 2020 was obtained from the Turkish Statistical Institute and fed to the models to forecast the upcoming years. The two models were evaluated and compared using determination coefficient R2 and mean absolute percentage error (MAPE). It is found that SMOReg was superior in forecasting Turkey's total electricity consumption where the R2, MAPE, and root mean square error (RMSE) for the SMOReg model were 91.42%, 2.98%, and 8558.85 GWh respectively, where the forecasted total electricity consumption in sectoral bases reaches 292,142 GWh in 2021 and 777,854 GWh in 2050. SMOReg also performed better in forecasting the industrial and household sectors. Whereas MLP performed better in forecasting the commercial, governmental, illumination, and other sectors.
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    The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Engineers' Performance
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) AL-KAFF, OMAR YAHYA MOHAMMED; Zeynep Gergin
    During COVID-19 crisis, numerous studies have investigated employee's performance as a major determinant factor of organizational success. In such hard times, there was no noticeable focus on engineers' performance despite their critical roles and increased responsibilities. Thus, this research is initiated to study the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on engineers' performance. Survey data from 100 engineers have been analyzed using Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), also reliability and validity of the constructed model have been ensured using a recently proposed new Confirmatory Composite Analysis method (HCCA). Path model results suggest a total positive impact of COVID-19 pandemic on engineers' performance through Organizational Change, Work-Life Balance, Job Satisfaction and Stress as mediators. The level of their experienced stress has been found to increase the performance rather than the opposite, which probably indicates successful management implementations that enabled creating performance improvements even amid the catastrophe. Control variables of Gender, Work Experience, Responsibility of Children, and Marital Status are additionally examined, and more experienced and non-married engineers have been observed to have relatively increased performance than others.
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    Crashing Implementation in Construction Project Case
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) ARAP, ENES; Zeynep Gergin
    Due to the diversity of decision-making alternatives, uncertainty, and cost of making errors, it has become more complex today than ever before, and decision-making has grown considerably more challenging in the construction sector and its atmosphere (Haque, 2010). As a result, relying on a trial-and-error strategy or an experimental decision has become extremely challenging or even a bad choice in decision-making. When dealing with construction projects, it is always necessary to complete the project within a given timeframe to keep expense costs as low as conceivable assuming the continually changing conditions in the construction field. Failure to do so increases the overall costs. Thus, there must be a time-cost trade-off. This study mainly provides a case study for reducing total project time to reach the completion objective at the least total cost. Two approaches are compared such as crashing the project with the Critical Path Method using the manual network diagraming approach and crashing the project by developing the mathematical model and solving it using Excel software. The manual crashing increased the project cost by almost 11.2% and decreased the project duration by 115 days which is more than 35% of the total duration. The optimum solution provided by the solver for the mathematical model, on the other hand, resulted in a lower cost increase of 9.7% in project costs with the same reduction in total project duration.
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    Case Study of the Impact of Using Artificial Intelligence With Cloud Computing in Smart Factory Management
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) ALDARABSEH, ESRAA AL; İbrahim Ethem Tarhan
    By employing artificial intelligence within the work of the cloud, the promised future is to create self-lead computers. Sharing the resources increased the innovation, it allows to develop of industries with high performance in the lowest time of study and analyze it quickly. This study tries to investigate the effect of the cloud on factory management that affects artificial intelligence devices that leads to the development of business growth which in affect increase the profits. Also, this research examines the factors from SWOT/PESTEL analysis among a cloud provider and consumer. Besides, linear regression is used to measure the most influential revenue of the main products in the total profit of the firm and propose a model to maximize it. The factors determined that may affect SOWT/PESTEL analysis and by brainstorming the ideas gathered and generated. Linear regression was used based on seven variables; six main revenues and total profit then applied Minitab software to obtain a relation between them. The influencer product was used to maximize its profit by Solver software. The outcomes presented an important relationship between the variables under a framework. The study presented economic growth in the firm that used cloud with AI equipment and the results proved to increase the net profit after the framework was developed.
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    A Comparative Analysis of Critical Chain and Critical Path Project Management Methods
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) ALNEHLAWI, SAAD; Zeynep Gergin
    PM is practically all procedures that help to reduce the waste of time and resources while most of the planned projects were using much more than what was assigned. These procedures include planning, managing, and monitoring processes of the project from its start to its end, covering the team management, cost optimization, activities scheduling, evaluating, and reporting. Two of the most commonly-used project scheduling methods are the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). This thesis is presenting a comparison between CPM and CCPM showing the pros and cons of both methods when dealing with resource-depending projects. It shows the new features that can be achieved using CCPM, and the reasons that led to its use this new scheduling approach. This study also illustrates the application of both of the techniques in a real case study for an agricultural investment company, to explain how much CCPM can be more reliable and efficient in terms of time-saving and achieving the objectives of this kind of project. It is concluded that CCPM is a more suitable project management planning methodology to apply to this kind of project than CPM.
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    The Impact of COVID‐19 on the Technology Sector: The Case of Turkish Consultancy Company
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) GÖZÜTOK, EDA; İlayda Ülkü
    Since COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan, China, it has affected the whole world both economically and sociologically. Many studies have been published by making different analysis studies and surveys to understand their positive or negative effects. It seemed different effects in terms of country and sector. In this study, the effects of COVID-19 on a consulting company serving in the field of technology were investigated. Using the company's five-year sales data from the pre-COVID-19 period, sales data for the COVID-19 period were predicted by machine learning over KNIME. Predictions were made using three different regression models: linear, gradient boosting, and random forest. Each model was compared over the calculated coefficient of determination (R2) and the best model was selected. With this chosen model, the impact of COVID-19 on the company has been interpreted.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Time–Cost Trade-off Analysis in a Construction Project Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming: A Case Study
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) NAWAWRAH, ABDULRHMAN; Murat Ermiş
    The issue of the trade-off between time and cost when scheduling building projects under some constraints such as the final project delivery date, the budget allocated to the project, etc. is one of the most important problems that have been analyzed by a lot of research. Therefore, most studies in TCTP target to finish the project on time without exceeding the budget. This goal can only be reached by speeding up some activities to shorten the overall project duration. This, in turn, is reflected in the cost of the activities, increasing the total cost of the project. As project management has become more complex because of advances and capabilities in the latest building technologies, researchers have sought to develop a complete and flexible mathematical scheduling model to deal with project constraints. This thesis presents a convenient and practical solution approach for the creation of the schedule, that will enable engineers and project managers to get the best return on the project in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. The critical path of the activities was determined using CPM and PERT methodologies, and the findings were validated using Monte Carlo simulation. The TCTPS problem is solved using MS Excel Solver, utilizing the resulting mixed-integer linear programming approach, assuming resources are available and unlimited. The developed approach was applied to a real-world application, namely the luxury villa construction project.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Development of an Excel-VBA Based Decision Support System for Network Engineers
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) AONI, HUSSEIN; Okay Işık
    A router is a hardware component at the heart of any computer network, as it is responsible for connecting a network to other networks in the Internet infrastructure and finding the most efficient way for data packets to reach their destination. Choosing the best router is a critical decision for network engineers because there are so many router brands, brand models, and many criteria that distinguish each router. Due to lack of managerial skills or technical issues, network engineers may choose the wrong router for their network. In this study, a Decision Support System (DSS) based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, which is a multi-criteria decision making method, has been developed for the selection of the appropriate router. The DSS is built using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) integrated with Microsoft-Excel. The proposed DSS is a user-friendly XLSM file that can be used on any computer running Microsoft-Excel. The DSS was tested based on four criteria (Cost, Reliability, Efficiency and Port counts) and four brand alternatives (Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and MikroTik). The developed DSS accompanies the decision maker's (DM) comparison process of criteria and the alternative routers according to each criterion, and finally recommends the most suitable router. In addition, if the comparison matrix of DM is inconsistent, the proposed DSS makes minor changes to the original preferences of DM, ensuring a zero inconsistency rate. The proposed method has been tested with data sets published in the literature, and its advantages over other methods to reduce inconsistency have been demonstrated.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Prefabricated Building Components as an Alternative to Cast in Place Concrete Projects in Kabul Afghanistan
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) FORMULI, MOHAMMAD SHARIF HAYAT; Duygun Fatih Demirel
    Most of the construction activities in Kabul Afghanistan take place by the conventional method of construction, but currently, there is a huge demand housing in Kabul Afghanistan. Some experts claim that one of the best and fastest methods to build housing for population is prefabricate constructions. Prefabricated concrete structures can be designed in a factory and then installed on construction sites. In this study, the factors influencing the perceptions of experts in considering prefabricated concrete structures as an alternative to the conventional construction materials in Kabul Afghanistan, is examined for the industrialization of public and residential buildings projects. In total 164 valid questionnaires were collected through Google Form from experts in construction sector in Kabul Afghanistan, and the survey outputs are analyzed through SPSS 28 software. To examine the suggested hypotheses, descriptive analysis, principle component analysis, reliability analysis, regression and correlation analysis were performed. Based on the numerical findings and regression analysis, it is observed that there are three key factors affecting the opinions of experts on prefabricated concrete structures, prefabricated concrete can be built in a short time, the cost of prefabricated building is lower than cost of cast in place materials, and management for prefabricating buildings are easier according to quality, production and implementation on site.
  • PublicationOpen Access
    Examining the New Business Opportunities via Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approaches
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2021) HRESEH, ASEM; Duygun Fatih Demirel
    This study aims to determine the best investment opportunity using a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) approach based on famous Analytic Hierarchy Process and TOPSIS methods. Throughout the study, the concept of MCDM is discussed, and the most used methods and their applications in several sectors are explained. In addition, the major benefits of these methods are examined. After that, considering five different investment opportunities, the best choice between them is determined based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process. For this task, seven management professionals' opinions are taken, and each of them are evaluated based on the TOPSIS method. Finally, an obvious image is created in selecting the best investment opportunity and how to employ MCDM approaches in this process.