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    Preschool Teachers' Views and Practices on Sexual Development and Education: A Situation
    (Anı Publishing, 2023) Yalkılıç, Beyza; YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    This study aimed to examine the views and practices of preschool teachers on sexual development and education. The research was carried out with a case study design, one of the qualitative research designs, and the data were collected in the spring term of the 2019-2020 academic year. The working group consisted of 10 preschool teachers with5 years or more of professional experience working with 36-72-month-old children. A demographic information form, a semi-structured interview form, and a document review form were used to collect data. In the analysis of the research data, the descriptive analysis method was used for the interview data, and the content analysis method was employed in the document review form. According to the study results, preschool teachers did not have sufficient knowledge about the content of sexual education, children did not direct questions to their teachers about sexual development, and teachers did not encourage children to ask questions despite this situation. The study determined that only 28 of the 100 activity plans implemented by preschool teachers in the classroom included comprehensive sexual education topics.
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    Challenges of COVID-19: Preschool Teachers’ Views and Experiences During the Quarantine
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2022) Güneş, Gökhan; TORAN, MEHMET
    The purpose of the study is to analyze the evidence gathered from the preschool teachers’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. The study was carried out with 11 teachers who have professional experience ranging between 3 to 19 years from private and public preschools. The study was specified according to criterion sampling strategy under the purposeful sampling method. The data gathered via open-ended questions and the phenomenology method, one of the qualitative research designs, was used. The qualitative content analyses technique was applied for analyzing the data. It was reached remarkable themes about the preschool teachers’ pedagogical challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic based on the analysis of data. The themes and their subthemes are as follows: The theme “challenges in the distance education process” contains the sub-themes of children, teachers, and parents, the theme “views about educational policy in new normal” contains the sub-themes of technological infrastructure problems, unpreparedness, and negative attitudes, the theme “expectations for the improvement of distance education” contains the sub-themes of teacher training, effective family involvement activities, and technology-based programs.
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    Development of Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers' Technology Integrations Skills Through a Praxeological Approach
    (Springer, 2022) Kulaksız, Taibe; TORAN, MEHMET
    How to improve and what should be carried out for pre-service teachers' technological competencies for teaching purposes is still an important issue on the agenda of the higher education field. In light of this, we aimed to reflect the individual and collective technology integration knowledge and skills construction process of pre-service early childhood education teachers with democratic participation. We utilized the praxeological approach as a method and learning approach to reveal the reflections of the instructional technologies course. The participants in this study were 52 sophomore pre-service teachers in the early childhood education department. We collected the data from various sources such as interviews, portfolios, researchers' field notes, e-mails, online course evaluation form. We carried out the thematic analysis method to analyze the data. The findings indicated that three main themes emerged as initial challenges, learning process, and learning outcomes during enhancement of pre-service early childhood teachers' technology integration knowledge and skills. As a result, the praxeological approach used in instructional technologies courses in teacher education programs leads to a crucial digital transformation to be ready to become future teachers.
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    "I Did It Wrong, but I Know It": Young Children's Metacognitive Knowledge Expressions During Peer Interactions in Math Activities
    (Elsevier Sci Ltd., 2022) AYDIN, EBRU; Dinçer, Çağlayan
    Previous studies reveal that children's metacognitive skills make massive progress during the early childhood period. We believe that examining how children use metacognitive skills in the learning process is crucial for shaping future learning experiences. This case study explores how children's metacognitive knowledge emerges through peer interactions in mathematical measurement activities. Sixteen activities based on the dimensions of mathematical measurement skills of length, area, weight, and volume were applied and video recorded. We systematically observed two 5-year-old children in these activities for 10 weeks. A framework of analysis was developed from the results of previous research on children's metacognition. Children's metacognitive knowledge was analyzed in mathematical statements and other variables were also extracted. Using qualitative analysis, this study indicates how children's mathematical thinking skills are reflected in their expressions of metacognitive knowledge during peer interactions. Difficulties in assessing and measuring children's metacognition are also discussed.
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    Re-Imagining Society and Childhood: An Analysis of Cultural Politics of Childhood in Turkey
    (Sage Publications Inc., 2022) TORAN, MEHMET; Toprak, Ziya
    Neoliberalism along with other sites of cultural, social and political life has created deep impacts on childhood. With the rise of neoliberalisation of policies, childhood has come to be defined in terms of economic utility and wellbeing of society. In this paper, we examine the process of neoliberalisation through the changing role and meaning of childhood. We inquire the role of childhood in re-imagining of the Turkish society based on the data from the document of the strategic vision of the Turkish government. We seek to track the evolving notion of childhood and roles ascribed to it. By applying a critical discourse lens to the document of 8th Five Year Development Plan and Strategic Vision of 2023, we explain how the cultural politics of childhood work as tools of creating present and future workers. We examine the shifting place of childhood and instrumentalisation of childhood in neoliberal imagination of policy.
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    Policies and Practices of Early Childhood Education and Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives From Five Countries
    (Journal of Childhood, Education and Society, 2021) TORAN, MEHMET; ve diğerleri...
    The COVID-19 pandemic, which affects all areas of life, has also affected children in need of education and care. It is of great importance to develop policies that take into account the best interests of children in this process. In this review article, the policies developed for early childhood education and care during the pandemic period in five countries (Australia, Croatia, Hungary, Spain, and Turkey), how they are implemented, the problems that arose, and the solutions produced are discussed. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that we need to focus on eliminating the educational inequalities, set policies for the welfare of children on foundations that are more realistic, rebuild teacher training, and improve the welfare of families. Priorizating the best interests of the child in the policies to be developed and building the social ecology on justice will ease overcoming the crises that will be faced.
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    Parents and Children During the COVID-19 Quarantine Process: Experiences From Turkey and China
    (Sage Publications Inc., 2021) TORAN, MEHMET; Sak, Ramazan; Xu, Yuwei; Sahin-Sak, Ikbal Tuba; Yu, Yun
    This paper reports Turkish and Chinese parents' experiences with their 3-6 year-old children during the COVID-19 quarantine process. Thirteen Turkish and 11 Chinese parents participated in a study that employed semi-structured interviews to examine participant self-perceived experiences. Findings show that the study revealed many commonalities in the experiences of Turkish and Chinese parents with their children during the COVID-19 quarantine process. Cultural differences between parents did not appear to significantly reflect the responses of parents during this extraordinary period. Parents mostly described difficulties with home quarantine. Most parents stated that their daily schedule and routines had changed as a result of home quarantine. Parents also said that they were unaware of their children's developmental progress and the extent to which their children had grown up before the quarantine. Parents shared both positive and negative experiences during the process. Since the quarantine process is an extraordinary experience for all family members, parents should be encouraged to put those positive experiences and acquisitions into their future life.
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    Okul Öncesi Öğretmen Adaylarının Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rolüne İlişkin Tutumları ile Eleştirel Düşünme Eğilimleri İlişkisi
    (Handan Deveci, 2019) Bayraktar, Seda; YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    Öğretmenlerin cinsiyet rollerine ilişkin kalıplaşmış rolleri farkında olarak ya da farkındaolmaksızın sınıf içerisinde sürdürdükleri, öğretmenin cinsiyet rollerine ilişkin inanışları vebeklentilerinin çocukların davranışlarına etki ettiği bilinmektedir. Öğretmenler ders etkinliklerindeya da öğrencilerle olan ilişkilerinde bilerek ya da bilmeyerek bu kalıp yargılarla hareketetmektedirler. Cinsiyetçi olmayan bir eğitim yaratmak için en önemli güç öğretmenlerin gücüdür.Öğretmenin toplumsal cinsiyet eşitliği konusunda sınıfında neler yapabileceği, çocukların eşitlikçibakış açısı geliştirmesinde ne gibi yollar izleyeceğini bilmesinin ön koşulu öğretmenin toplumsalcinsiyete ilişkin geleneksel bakış açısını eleştirmesi yani bir başka deyişle eleştirel düşünmebecerisi ile bağlantılı olduğu düşünülmektedir. Bu bağlamda bu araştırmanın temel amacı, okulöncesi öğretmen adaylarının toplumsal cinsiyet rolüne ilişkin tutumları ile eleştirel düşünmeeğilimleri arasındaki ilişkiyi belirlemektir. Bu kapsamda, okul öncesi öğretmenliği lisansprogramında öğrenimlerini sürdüren 512 öğretmen adayına Toplumsal Cinsiyet Rolleri TutumÖlçeği ve Eleştirel Düşünme Eğilimi Ölçeği uygulanmıştır. Araştırma sonucunda okul öncesiöğretmen adaylarının toplumsal cinsiyet rolleri tutumlarının eşitlikçi olduğu ve eleştirel düşünmeeğilimlerinin yüksek olduğu belirlenmiştir. Okul öncesi öğretmen adaylarının toplumsal cinsiyetrolleri tutumu ile eleştirel düşünme eğilimleri arasında ana boyutlarda ve tüm boyutlarda pozitifyönlü, anlamlı bir ilişki bulunmuştur. Araştırmada toplumsal cinsiyet rolü ana boyutu ile eleştireldüşünme eğilimi ana boyutu arasında pozitif yönlü, orta derecede ve %12,6 etki bulunmuştur.
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    Dikenli Gül: Türkiye’de Kırsal Kesimde Okul Öncesi Öğretmeni Olmaya İlişkin Fenomenolojik Bir Çalışma
    (Anı Yayıncılık, 2019) YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    Köy okulunda görev yapan okul öncesi öğretmenlerinin yaşadıkları öğretmenlik deneyimlerini ortaya çıkarmayı amaçlayan bu çalışma nitel araştırma desenlerinden fenomenoloji ile desenlenmiştir. Çalışmaya 2016-2017 eğitim-öğretim yılında, Diyarbakır, Ordu, Van, Bursa, Şanlıurfa ve Ağrı illerine bağlı bir köyde okul öncesi öğretmeni olarak görev yapan 9 okul öncesi öğretmeni katılmıştır. Araştırmanın verileri Skype programı aracılığıyla yapılan yarı yapılandırılmış görüşmeler yoluyla toplanmıştır. Araştırmanın sonucunda köyde öğretmenlik yapmanın manevi tatmini yüksek ancak öğretmenin mesleki gelişimine katkı sağlayan oldukça zorlu bir yolculuk olduğu; köy okullarında öğretmenlerin hem veliler hem de çocuklar ile dil ve iletişim problemleri yaşadığı; ısınma, su, elektrik, uygun olmayan sınıf ortamları ve materyal eksiklikleri olduğu dile getirilmiştir.
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    Erken Çocukluk Çalışmalarında Gündem Olan Konuların İncelenmesi: Yaşadıkça Eğitim Dergisinin 30 Yılı
    (İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi, 2020) Doma, Evcan Afra; TORAN, MEHMET
    Bu araştırmada, 1986-2015 yılları arasında ebeveynlere yönelik Türkiye’de yayımlanan Yaşadıkça Eğitim dergisinde erken çocuklukla ilgili makalelerin incelenmesi amaçlanmıştır. Nitel araştırma yöntemi ile yürütülen çalışmada 125 sayı içerisinde 231 makale dahil edilmiştir. Verilerin analizinde Makale Sınıflama Formu kullanılmıştır. Makalelerin derinlemesine incelenmesi için doküman incelemesi kullanılmıştır. Çalışmanın sonucunda, erken çocukluk döneminde çocuğun bütünsel gelişimi için anne baba eğitiminin önemli olduğu bulunmuştur. Tespit edilen diğer konulara daha az değinildiği belirlenmiştir. Değişen zamanla birlikte erken çocukluk döneminde öğretmenlerin de anne babalar kadar önemli olduğu anlaşılması üzerine Yaşadıkça Eğitim dergisinde buna göre yayın yapıldığı tespit edilmiştir. Yaşadıkça Eğitim dergisinde yayınlanan makalelerin tespit edilen her konu aralığında olması gerekliliği önerilmiştir.
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    Erken Çocukluk Eğitiminden Beklentiler: Ebeveynler Ne Düşünüyor?
    (Başkent Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi, 2020) TORAN, MEHMET; Şahin, Derya
    Erken çocukluk eğitiminin önemli bir parçası olan ebeveynlerin sürecin aktif katılımcıları olduğu için ebeveynlerin erken çocukluk eğitiminden beklentilerinin incelenmesi önem taşımaktadır. Bu önem ile mevcut araştırmada amaç çocuğu erken çocukluk eğitimine devam eden ebeveynlerin erken çocukluk eğitiminden beklentilerini açığa çıkarmaktır. Araştırma, nitel araştırma desenlerinden olan fenomenoloji deseni benimsenerek tasarlanmış, çalışma grubu ise amaçlı örnekleme yöntemi kullanılarak belirlenmiştir. Araştırmanın çalışma grubunu çocukları normal gelişim gösteren ve 2’si özel 3’ü kamuya bağlı bağımsız erken çocukluk eğitimi kurumuna devam eden 14 gönüllü ebeveyn oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak yarı yapılandırılmış görüşme formu kullanılmış, elde edilen veriler içerik analizi ile analiz edilmiş ve açığa çıkan bulgular yorumlamıştır. Sonuç olarak mevcut araştırmaya katılan ebeveynlerin özellikle çocukların gelişimini desteklemeye, eğitimi nitelikli öğretmenlerin vermesine ve pedagojik uygulamalara yönelik beklentilerinin olduğu, bu beklentilerin ebeveynlerin farkındalıklarına paralel bir şekilde açığa çıktığı söylenebilir.
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    Investigating the Effects of STEM Enriched Implementations on School Readiness and Concept Acquisition of Children
    (Ankara University, 2020) TORAN, MEHMET; Aydın, Ebru; Etgüer, Damla
    The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of STEM enriched preschool education implementations on children's school readiness and concept acquisition. The study was conducted with experimental design with pretest-posttest control group. The sample group of the study consisted of thirty-three children from the age group of 60-68 months. While 16 of the children were included in experimental group, 17 were included in control group. Before the implementations, the activities which were based on STEM skills and for which expert opinions were taken were developed. All activities were completed in nine weeks. Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Revised Form was used as the data collection tool in the pretest-posttest. As a result of the study, it was found that there was a statistically significant difference between the total scores of both school readiness and concept acquisition in favor of the experimental group. Based on the results, it can be asserted that early STEM activities supported preschool education program in school readiness and concept acquisition.
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    Stay in Solidarity and Share Equally: An Open Access Journal in Childhood Studies
    (Istanbul Kultur University, 2020) TORAN, MEHMET; Sackes, Mesut; Göl-Güven, Maden
    Journal of Childhood, Education & Society (JCES) was founded as a product of collective thought under the leadership of Dr. Mehmet Toran in July 2019 by a group of early childhood researchers who conduct both collaborative and independent academic research. Under the light of scientific research, current publishing policies cannot eliminate inequalities in public access for transfer and access of knowledge that is generated for the public weal (Beall, 2013). Particularly, having a limited access to the knowledge in early childhood studies is acknowledged as the first step for constitution of JCES. In this context, we would like to underline that independent researchers who are voluntarily taking part in the emergence of JCES are involved in a very courageous endeavour. This collective constitution takes an important responsibility for the public as well, and we point out that to fulfil this responsibility, it embraces moral and ethical rules as a reference point. Objectives, scope and ethical principles of JCES are determined with the contribution of the editorial board. In addition, we make promise to the larger research community of early childhood area that we will make sure to contribute to the area by giving a priority to high quality of research with robust evidence.
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    Mother–Child Interactions During Shared Reading With Digital and Print Books
    (Routledge, 2020) ÖZTÜRK, GÜLŞAH; Hill, Susan
    This study explored the quality of interactions in mother–child shared reading with a print book and with an electronic book on an i-Pad. The study involved a Turkish mother and her 5-year-old son who were observed at home when reading the printed book Ay’ı kim çaldı? (Who stole the moon?) and its exact digital match. The shared book reading interactions were analysed in terms of (a) the amount of talk with the different book formats and (b) the content of the mother–child talk including the focus of the talk, expansion of ideas and behavioural-related talk. The results revealed that print book reading engaged the child in higher-level thinking compared to digital book reading. There was greater frequency of non-immediate talk in the print book reading compared to the digital book reading. Also, results suggested that the digital book encouraged more behaviour-related talk related to negotiating the book sharing routine.
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    The Role of Parents' Empathic Tendencies in Children Value Acquisition
    (Anı Yayıncılık, 2020) Yakupoğulları, Ayşe; YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    Purpose: The present study aims to reveal the predictive role of parents' empathic tendencies in children value acquisition. Research Methods: We conducted a relational survey study, including 170 children aged 60-72 months, 85 of whom were girls and 85 were boys, who were attending the kindergarten school in Malatya City, and their parents. The Pre-school Values Scale Student Form, Empathy Tendency Scale and Sociodemographic Information Form were used to collect data. Findings: Results indicated that there was a significant positive correlation between value of children and parent’s empathic tendencies. As empathic and sympathetic tendencies of parents increased, the children's respect, honesty, responsibility, cooperation, friendship and sharing scores increased. The findings showed that the values which had the highest average score were sharing, respect and honesty among the study group. Although the mean total empathy level of the mothers was higher than the fathers’, it was found that father empathy level was positively related with the child value levels, suggesting that the fathers had important role in child value education. Implications for Research and Practice: Parent training can be organized to increase the empathy skills of the families. Besides, different studies can be carried out to examine the factors affecting children’s value acquisition.
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    Supporting Teachers’ Professional Development: Examining the Opinions of Pre-school Teachers Attending Courses in an Undergraduate Program
    (Pegem Akademi Yayıncılık, 2020) TORAN, MEHMET; YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    This study aimed to determine the opinions of preschool teachers about courses they attended in a preschool undergraduate program in order to support their professional development. The case study, one of the qualitative research designs, was adopted in the study. Two sampling strategies, snowball and criterion sampling, were used for the determination of participants. 26 teachers from 6 different preschools voluntarily participated in the research. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews carried out in two steps; before and after participating in the courses in the preschool undergraduate program. Descriptive analysis was employed in the analysis of the data. Results revealed that preschool teachers put into practice in-service program outputs tailored to their needs and in line with their professional development needs and made suggestions so that in-service training programs to be designed for their professional development can be more effective. In conclusion, the preschool teachers were found to need alternative in-service training programs.
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    Are There Any Changes in Mothers' Attitudes? Analysis of the Impact of the Covid-19 Quarantine on Child-Rearing Attitudes
    (Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd., 2022) TORAN, MEHMET; Özden, Bülent
    The present study aims to examine the impact of the time spent by mothers at home with their children during the quarantine period that was implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the mothers' child-rearing attitudes, taking into consideration some variables and the experiences of mothers. The study was designed using embedded mixed design, in which qualitative and quantitative research methods were used together. The quantitative research group consisted of 673 mothers and the qualitative research group consisted of 16 mothers. The research data was gathered online using the Lime Survey platform, and the interviews with the mothers were also held online. Demographic information form, the Child Rearing Attitude Scale, and a semi-structured interview form were used as data collection tools. Moderator variable analysis was used for the quantitative research data and descriptive analysis was used for the qualitative research data in support of the quantitative data. The findings revealed that the mothers' child-rearing attitudes changed depending on the variables concerning the children; however, the quarantine period instituted due to COVID-19 had an impact on the mothers' child-rearing attitudes depending on the variables of age and number of children. The qualitative findings obtained from the interviews supported the quantitative findings. However, it was revealed that the mothers' attitudes towards their children underwent changes during the quarantine period under COVID-19.
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    An Examination of cartoons watched by preschoolers in terms of gender stereotypes: The case of Niloya
    (2017) Ay, Aylin; Saray, Filiz; Kılıç, İsmihan; YAĞAN, SEVCAN
    This is a basic interpretive qualitative research as it aims to examine the cartoon named Niloya in terms of the gender stereotypes. 50 episodes of the cartoon were watched and the data collected were subjected to a content analysis. It has been emerged that the characters found in the cartoons have proper behaviors and appearances in terms of gender stereotypes and that the cartoon contributed to the production of gender stereotypes. It was seen in the cartoon that housework such as cooking, cleaning, childrearing is always done by the mother and work such as driving, gardening and keeping the animals is done the father and the grandfather. In the episodes watched, it was observed that female characters wear pink and purple dresses while male characters have colors like blue, yellow, green on their clothes. It was also found that play and toy preferences of girls and boys in the cartoon are conformed with the gender stereotypes. When considering that majority of children watch cartoons and identify themselves with this character, it can be said that the problem of gender inequality needs to be solved in the cartoon and the messages within the content should be reorganized to achieve women-men equality.
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    Understanding young children's attitudes towards reading in relation to their digital literacy activities at home
    (2018) Ohi, Sarah; ÖZTÜRK, GÜLŞAH
    The effect of digital literacy practices upon young children's learning is a contentious and growing area for research and debate. Nowadays, children encounter many different types of texts through their everyday engagement with digital technologies. The study reported here investigated the relationships between 6 and 7-year-old children's home digital literacy practices, parental views about the use of technology and children's attitudes towards reading as perceived by the children and their parents. A total of 105 children and their parents, from two primary schools in Istanbul participated in this study. Parents completed a questionnaire about their views on the use of technology, their children's digital literacy experiences and their perceptions of their children's reading attitudes, while the children engaged in individual interviews. The results from this study indicate that children's attitudes towards reading are significantly related to both the frequency of their engagement in digital literacy activities in their homes and their parents' perception of their child's attitudes to reading. The findings suggest that parents can support children's enjoyment in reading by engaging in both digital and non-digital print experiences with their children.