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    Evaluation of Public Relations Curriculum on Student and Sector Expectations: A Research on Istanbul Province
    (Gümüşhane Üniversitesi, 2021) Özgen, Ebru; Yıldız, Engincan; AYDOĞDU, İREM
    Communication education is important for every sector today. Students who receive public relations education should be directed to success by teaching honesty not only for today but also in their profession, which is open to all kinds of changes they will face in the long term. This qualitative research is an important article aimed at questioning the actuality of public relations education and curriculum. In this context, it was ensured that students and public relations managers evaluate the public relations curriculum. The article allowed public relations students and public relations managers to evaluate public relations education and curriculum. The study was carried out in 2 different samples. In the first sample, interviews were conducted with 44 public relations students about public relations education and curriculum with a semi-structured in-depth interview method. In the second stage, with the semi-structured in-depth interview method, 11 public relations managers were interviewed about public relations education and curriculum. In the findings of the study, the importance of foreign language, practical and theoretical knowledge for a good public relations education was revealed. It was concluded that both sides pointed out only the inadequacy of practical education. It has also been concluded that it emphasizes the importance of applied public relations. Accordingly, the importance of including applied education in the curriculum has emerged.