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    Açık Erişim
    Is Turkey Ready for the Post COVID-19 World Order?
    (SETA Foundation, 2021) BAYRAKTAR, BORA
    The COVID-19 outbreak has had a huge impact on the global economy and politics. Closures and lockdowns stopped international trade resulting in an economic slowdown. It has changed the daily lives of people and the way business takes place. Politics has also been affected by the pandemic. Discussions about the changing world order have gained a new dimension and momentum. In this article, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in international relations is analyzed. Has COVID-19 triggered a change in the world order? If it has, what are the nature, scope, and content of this change? As a rising regional power in the Eastern Mediterranean region, how has Turkey been affected by this, and how did it respond to the changing situation? Signs of deteriorating world order, declining U.S. leadership, escalating geopolitical competition amongst global powers were in the air before the pandemic. Turkey's adaptation to this new world order pre-dates the pandemic, when it changed its political system, and invested in its security and cohesion.
  • Yayın
    Açık Erişim
    The Palestinian Question in Turkish Foreign Policy from 1990s to 2010s
    (Hale Şıvgın, 2019) BAYRAKTAR, BORA
    For several reasons the Question of Palestine has been closely followed by Turkey especially after the establishment of State of Israel. Turkey’s engagement with Palestinian territories is beyond her historical ties with it. At first, until 1990s, Palestinian issue served Turkish foreign policy to manage its relationship with the Arab World starting from 1960s. The other side of the coin was Turkey’s strained relations with Israel. The Oslo Peace Process between Israel and Palestinians enabled Turkey to boost its relations with Israel, reaching level of military partnership. After 2000s, Turkey’s balanced Palestinian policy has been dramatically changed and Turkey apparently became the leading advocate of “the Palestinian cause.” This article focuses on the evaluation of Turkey’s Palestinian policy and the logic behind it.