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  • PublicationEmbargo
    From a Public Space to a Shopping Mall: The Case of City Square in Bursa, Turkey
    (2011) Polat, Sibel; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 55253; 110251
    In recent years, many new projects have been prepared for neglected public spaces which have lost their functions in different cities of Turkey, either by means of private commissions or competitions. However, this process has generally resulted either in the complete disappearance of public spaces or the transformation of public spaces to transit areas or more controlled spaces like shopping malls. The Central Garage, which was constructed in 1961 as the largest garage of the Balkans and which was used for thirty five years as the terminal of Bursa is an interesting example for this subject. After the Central Garage lost its function as a terminal, it was abandoned, and experienced physical and social dilapidation for a long time, and was finally transformed into a shopping mall. This paper aims to evaluate the process during which the Central Garage was transformed from a public space to a shopping mall in Bursa.
  • PublicationMetadata only
    UNESCO Dünya Miras Listesi ve Türkiye
    (2014) DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 110251
  • PublicationOpen Access
    An analysis of user satisfaction in relation with sense of belonging in high income housing: Atakoy case
    (2019) Barutçular, Tülin; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN
    Housing choice and satisfaction are among the most important factors for users in housing areas. Istanbul Atakoy is one of the areas where housing satisfaction is at the highest level in many respects. This area, which has expanded over time with new buildings, is still very instructive for researchers, although various studies on satisfaction have been carried out in the past. In this study, the aim is to obtain new data by means of Atakoy Konaklari, which was completed in 2006 and has been in use for twelve years, and Yali Atakoy which was completed in 2016 and has been in use for two years. Satisfaction and sense of belonging in Atakoy are intertwined concepts. While Neighborliness is seen as a value that is important, it also affects settlement decisions. In this respect, Atakoy is a very special region. A phenomenological approach has been adopted in the research and by means of in-depth interviews, taking the answers of the users directly, the concepts of neighborhood, neighborliness, satisfaction and belonging have been interpreted.
  • PublicationMetadata only
    Okulöncesi Eğitim Ortamları Tasarımında Bir Parametre Olarak Esneklik
    (2017-02) Şahin, Belkıs Ece; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 157298; 110251
  • PublicationMetadata only
    Re-Construction of First Year Architectural Education
    (Bükreş: EAAE and Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture, 1999) DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 110251
  • PublicationMetadata only
    Architectural Design Education and Awards
    (İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, 2002) DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 110251
  • PublicationMetadata only
    Evrensel Tasarım Tanımlar Hedefler İlkeler
    (2009) Şahin, Ece Belkıs; Taneli, Yavuz; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 110251; 157298; 55636
  • PublicationEmbargo
    The importance of preschoolers experience in kindergarten design
    (2015) Şahin, Belkıs Ece; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 157298; 110251
  • PublicationMetadata only
    Günümüz TOKİ Gerçeğine Gelecek ve Kalite Açısından Bir Bakış
    (Trakya Üniversitesi Mühendislik-Mimarlık Fakültesi, 2010) Gür, Miray; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 157302; 110251
  • PublicationEmbargo
    Urban Regeneration and Local Expectations: The Case of the Central Garage District, Bursa-Turkey
    (2010) Polat, Sibel; DOSTOĞLU, NESLİHAN; 55253; 110251
    In recent years, different arguments have been made about urban regeneration in Turkey, similar to many other countries in the world. Instead of a comprehensive approach suggesting new partnerships between local authorities and citizens, urban regeneration in Turkey has been generally used as a populist instrument of local authorities mostly to produce physical solutions for political gains in the short run. In this study, the case of Central Garage District in Bursa will be discussed as an example of urban regeneration implementation which started with the aim of rehabilitating a neglected urban area, but which resulted in an urban regeneration process deprived of social/cultural and organizational aspects.