The neural network in coordinate transformation

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Ürüşan, Ahmet Yücel
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Amer Inst Physics, 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Ste 1No1, Melville, Ny 11747-4501 USA
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In international literature, Coordinate operations is divided into two categories. They are coordinate conversion and coordinate transformation. Coordinates converted from coordinate system A to coordinate system B in the same datum (mean origine, scale and axis directions are same) by coordinate conversion. There are two different datum in coordinate transformation. The basis of each datum to a different coordinate reference system. In Coordinate transformation, coordinates are transformed from coordinate reference system A to coordinate referance system B. Geodetic studies based on physical measurements. Coordinate transformation needs identical points which were measured in each coordinate reference system (A and B). However it is difficult (and need a big reserved budget) to measure in some places like as top of mountain, boundry of countries and seaside. In this study, this sample problem solution was researched. The method of learning which is one of the neural network methods, was used for solution of this problem.
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Neural Network, Coordinate Transformation