Introduction To The Symbol-Identifıcation Of The Presence Of Water In Iran's Mosques Architecture

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Narimani, Parya
Sattari Sarbangholi, Hassan
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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Water element in Iranian architecture in terms of symbolic meanings and concepts has been manifested in different forms.Water in the body of Iranian mosques due to both the mystical and practical loads had also carried more symbolic messages. The presence of water in Iranian mosques architecture In addition to having image-creations associated with the prayers, ablution, purification and refreshing ritual had also carried reflection of semantic load, transparency, and being-like-mirror.Water in terms of presence in running and still water forms and in terms of symbolism system in the methods of allusion, symbol, sign, indication, secret, mystery, point, appearance, riddle, analogy has found objective appearancein the body of Iranian mosques. The present research has been conducted with descriptive-analytical method.The presence of water is in a variety of ordering elements of kinetic and stillness, and signs of relaxation, peace, reconciliation, stable sign of life, sky reflection, and survival continuation in ideas derived from symbolic concepts. The most important elements related to the presence of water in Iranian mosques architecture are place of ablution, trough, pool, patio, and fountain.This appearance and manifestation of water's form and character in Iranian architecture have had a special position and even sacred. A corner of these appearances can be observed in symbols used in Iranian mosques objectively. Symbol, its types and the manner of advent and display of the symbolic elements of water in Iran's mosque architecture have been investigated in this study. Achievements of this research will lead to the initial symbol-identifier conception of the presence and manifestation and appearance of water in the area of the architectural body of Iranian mosques.

architecture design , mosque , mosques architecture , Iran water , symbol , mimari tasarım , cami , camiler mimarisi , İran su , sembol