The Analysis Of Environmental Effects On The Design And Production Of Arts In Use, Based On Principles Of Human Geography (Case Study: Iranian Carpet)

Moghanipoor, Majidreza
Marasy, Mohsen
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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The main topic of this article is recognition and analysis of influences of "Arts in use", as a human phenomenon (from a geographical viewpoint) and one of physical manifestations of culture ( from the environmental viewpoint). Accordingly, opinions and concepts related to this issue have been analyzed in the field of human geography science by an interdisciplinary approach and a descriptive-analytical methodology. Therefore, an "Iranian carpet" as a centerpiece of these studies divided into the processing (production manner), forming (aesthetic) and technical (in practice) components, then, was studied the affecting manner of each of these components by the environment. By conducted reviews and analyzes, one could say that proposed discussions in the schools and classic theories of environmental determinism and the possibility thinking (from the field of human geography) has the same line with suggested definitions for "style" and "school" in the field of carpet studies. As a result, in the areas where become prevalent carpet-weaving styles, environmental and geographical circumstances has a more highlighted effect on the conditions of the production process and quality of the final product; but in the areas where producers styles or technique of carpet designers are applied, it is more evident the human hegemony over the environment
Iranian carpet, Environmental determinism, Possibility thinking, Culture, Style