Incremental Housing: A Participation Process Solution for Informal Housing

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Hasgül, Esin

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As long as there is government and regulations, there will be a system of building a shelter. There are experts who have a different perspective about technical, political, economical, aesthetical, functional, etc. issues. On the other hand, there are also individuals who have another thought of their own living-styles. The question is then more related with building a shelter but how and with what. In ‘’informal settlements’’; settlers build their own houses, connect their utility lines and organise their physical arrangements. There are many problems in these settlements; but there is also a self-build and develop process. Thus we can also relate these spontaneously built settlements with the vernacular. Within this context, firstly the subjects informality and vernacular will be defined interrelatedly and as a solution to informal settlements, the participation process will be opened up to discussion reading through three actors which has a different role in the process. Relating these actors, the opportunities of incremental housing in informal settlements will be evaluated connectively which presents a participation process solution for informal housing.



Incremental Housing, Informality, Participation, Self-Build, Vernacular