Investigations On The Bearing Strength Of Stainless Steel Bolted Plates Under In-Plane Tension

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Kıymaz, Güven

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Techno-Press, Po Box 33, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-600, South Korea

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This paper presents a study on the behavior and design of bolted stainless steel plates under in-plane tension. Using an experimentally validated finite element (FE) program strength of stainless steel bolted plates under tension is examined with an emphasis on plate bearing mode of failure. A numerical parametric study was carried out which includes examining the behavior of stainless steel plate models with various proportions, bolt locations and in two different material grades. The models were designed to fail particularly in bolt tear-out and material piling-up modes. In the numerical simulation of the models, non-linear stress-strain material behavior of stainless steel was considered by using expressions which represent the full range of strains up to the ultimate tensile strain. Using the results of the parametric study, the effect of variations in bolt positions, such as end and edge distance and bolt pitch distance on bearing resistance of stainless steel bolted plates under in-plane tension has been investigated. Finally, the results obtained are critically examined using design estimations of the currently available international design guidance.



stainless steel, finite element analysis, bolted connection, bearing failure mode, strength reduction, behavior, paslanmaz çelik, sonlu elemanlar analizi, cıvatalı bağlantı, rulman hata modu, gücü azalması, davranış