Glimmmerring Light of Transcendence

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Sezgin, Erkut

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Phenomenology differs from the traditional epistemological ontological theories in that theorizing with words are given up for elucidating the signifying phenomena in the weave of which intentionality are structured to operate with words used as means to describe ends, in which means are described as "words and descriptions", "language" as such; and ends are described as "the reality", "objects", "things", "events", "world" as such. Such way of using language in theories of subject object epistemologies is a form of expression of an intentionality the modalities of which are operationally structured with learning and operating with the rules of pictures held fast as standards, rules of criteria of the truth beliefs in identifying what is "true" and "real" in language. Failure of awareness of manifest internal connections of signifying phenomena expressive of intentionality and truth beliefs in connection with the use of pictures and rules of language manifests with its own doxa in the form of attributing or denying essential qualities as to subject object descriptions and as to their interactions, in contrast to an awareness that is capable of tracing back and forth the historical structuring of intentionality operational with pictures and rules of historical languages. The latter only clarifies manifest phenomena expressive of intentionality in internal connections operating and using signs as means and ends without presupposing or introducing entities by means of projecting pictures of language. That clarification works by elucidating the identities and differences attributed to entities in terms of the uses of pictures or signs in internal connection with the uses of other signs the rules of which are kept fast and change by the changing paradigms of cultural-conventional-historical language-games. Here transcendence amounts to the trans-historical dimension of awareness which unknots the knots of operational thinking habits with rules and pictures of historical languages; which are habits that otherwise so chain thinking with the historical intentionality of a historical epoch and systems of beliefs as not to respond and communicate anymore with the self-illuminating light of awareness as characterized by Plato's cave metaphor.