Defect Detection for Ceramic Materials by Continuous Wavelet Analysis

Kaynaş, Tayfun
Akıncı, Tahir Çetin
Yılmaz, Özyazgan
Özgiray, M.
Şeker, S.
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Kaunas Univ Technology Press, K Donelaicio 73, Kaunas Lt 3006, Lithuania
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In this study, it is achieved to detect internal or surface cracks that can occur in the production of ceramic plates by using the method of impulse noise. Ceramic materials are often used in the industry especially as kitchenware of in areas such as construction sector. Many different methods are used in the quality assurance processes of ceramic materials. In this study, impact noise method is examined. This method is a test technique which is not used in the applications. The method is presented as an examination technique based on whether there is a deformation on the material according to the sound coming from the ceramic material as a result of a plastic bit hammer impact on the ceramic material. The application of the study is performed on plates made of ceramic materials.

Ceramic double plates, made up of same materials, with same features, but in different models, are used therein. One of these ceramic double plates, both of which are completely in kind, is intact, and the other is cracked. Impulse noises, having arisen from the equal impulse power applied on these intact and cracked plates of same model were examined via wavelet analysis. By means of the applied method, it is seen to have shown significant results in distinguishing intact and cracked plates. Having the frequency and magnitude dimensions of the damages on the plates also examined by means of the applied analysis, significant distinguishing findings are attained therefrom.

impulse noise , continuous wavelet transform , defect detection in ceramics materials