Teknolojik Gelişmelerin Mimarlık Mesleğine Yansımaları Ve Simülasyon Programları'nın Mekan Tasarımına Etkisi

Eceoğlu, Arzu
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication
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The starting point of the product in the career of architecture, whose main goal is to create liveable sites, is suitability. All designers and architectures from Otto Wagner to Zaha Hadid, labelled the direction of their designs by taking form, function and constructional elements into account. During this labelling of direction, with the developing technology, new materials and visual design values led the way for architectures. The 2 and 3D drawing programmes, nowadays backbones of architectures careers, came out in the 1980s and after, prepared an environment that forced the designers to widen their vision. Besides, the raise of the awareness of the customer mass that we name the user put forth the necessity of the simulation programmes. The main goal of this communiqué is to present how the designs according to the reflection of technological developments to the careers of architecture take form.
Architecture, Simulation, Organization of space (site), Design, Mimarlık, simülasyon, Mekan organizasyonu (sitesi), Tasarım