The Application Of Nanotechnologies In Producing Light Industrial Materials

Ghorbani, Maryam
Kalubar, Hojjatollah Rashid
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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In this paper, the application of nanotechnology in producing light and sustainable industrial materials has been discussed. Including the important efficiency of nanotechnology in the work construction of industrial materials was reducing energy consumption, the making speed and reducing the economic cost of the building. In this study, researcher with the main goal of access to the safe and sustainable work construction, by using new technology of materials, the application of technology used in materials was determined by introducing and studying its composite materials such Nano. Due to the nature of the objectives in this research, the research method has been librarian, analytical, software and observational. Research concepts were associated with architectural spaces in relation to creativity in innovation and discovery of new industrial materials for stability and flexibility of executive materials. According to check the carried out changes and obtained results of this research, the researcher's research findings with regard to preserving traditional architectural identity, has searched in lightweight of new industrial materials such as, sandwich panels, autoclave concrete, modularity, covering the monolith, poly stone, polystyrene and fiber concrete.
Technology, Industrial, Sustainability, Technology, nano