Turkey's Economy From Different Perspectives After 1980: The Past, Present and the Future

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Turkey has a crucial change in terms of economic infrastructure after the decision of opening up the economy at 1980. Following import substituting industrialization strategy ended with an economic crisis at the end of 1970s. With the beginning of 1980s in January a very radical economic program has announced that brought economic liberalization. After economic liberalization each economic dynamic has changed as never going to be the same again especially after opening up the capital account completely at 1989. The aim of this book is to share the academic research outputs and the field experiences on Turkey's economy for the related period with contributors from different backgrounds and different perspectives. The contributors to this book with their both academic and field experience provide a broad scanning understanding of the Turkey's Economy after 1980's and also expand the readers horizon on having a better understanding of expectations for the future. We appreciate them for becoming a team and we sincerely thank each of them for sharing their experience and expertise.
Anahtar kelimeler
Economic Liberalization, Labor Economics, Macro Economy