Examine The Role Of The Media In Building Trust Among Petrochemical Stock Shareholders

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Ahangar, Maryam Ahmadi
Sharafabadi, Ali Mohammad Mazidi

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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication

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Petrochemical companies operate titled as the chemical industry that today is the largest exchange industry. Given the importance of the economy and stock market, and also a special place of Petrochemicals stock in Iranian stock exchange, this study was to investigate the effects of media on Trust shareholders on stock of petroleum. In this study, the data collection is done for research and hypotheses, given the nature of the subject (Survey), approved questionnaires are used and the necessary information was collected. The study population included 300 Aban broker members, all of whom have bought petrochemical stocks, respectively. A sample was calculated using Cochran formula, n = 73. In this study, descriptive and inferential statistical analysis was performed with SPSS software. The results showed: the media has influence on increasing the confidence of investors to enter the stock market (petrochemical stock). Published in the media's ads (related to the stock NPC) affects Trust shareholders petrochemical exchange. Speed news distribution of petrochemical exchange is effective on trust and petrochemical exchange shareholders. Media Training programs (broadcasts, educational, publishing articles, etc.) influence the trust of petrochemical stock shareholders. Providing stock status at the time of boom and bust by the media affects trust of petrochemical stock shareholders. At the end solutions were presented to optimize the use of media in order to boost petrochemical stock market.



Media, confidence, Petrochemicals stock