Bir Web 2.0 Uygualaması Olarak Bloglar: Blogların Dinamikleri Ve Blog Alemi

Özüdoğru, Şakir
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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Blogs are defined as spheres in where personal ideas and networks presented on the Web. Blogs, also, believed as the birth of a newfangled kind of a journalism as well as a means of shaping democracy. Plus, blogs are significant marketing tools for profit motive institutions. Besides this, the amount of people who share personal feelings and ideas on the Web as a diary can not be underestimated. This study aims to consider recent studies on blogs. In the first part of the study a wide range of statistical data about using of blogs is presented. In the second part, motivations of personal and institutional blog users are addressed. In the third part, the question of in which fields blogs are used tried to be answered and these fields are considered under four themes as “journalism”, “politics”, “education”, and “marketing”. In conclusion, in the light of the findings presented positive and negative sides of blogs are discussed and suggestions are made for further studies.

Web 2.0 , Weblog , Blogosphere , Blog