Sparking Leadership for Engaged Employees and PaasionateOrganizations/Sparking Leadership Scale (SLC) Development and Validation

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Yozgat, Uğur
Bilginoğlu, Elif
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Leadership has been analysed from several different angles over the years. The common ground of all recent studies is that the leader has to be able to create the vision, inspire and energize the employees. Research reveals that today a great percentage o f the employees are disengaged. To succeed in a rapidly changing world, the organizations need something more than employee engagement. It is the employee passion which is critical. The challenge facing the leaders is not how to engage employees; it is how to keep the fires of passion burning. Since sparking leadership is the key to igniting passion in the disengaged employees, awareness o f these and other symptoms is a critical concern.However, there are no empirically validated measures to assess sparking leadership. This paper introduces a theoretical framework for sparking leadership and develops a scale "Sparking Leadership Scale (SLS) ” to measure it.

Sparking Leadership , Engagement at Work , Disengaged Employees , Passion at Work , Passionate Organizations