Heavy Metal Stress-Responsive Phyto-miRNAs

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Heavy metal stress is a leading abiotic stress factor in the twenty-first century as a reflection of industrial developments and extensive urbanization. Plants adopt several adaptation mechanisms to cope with deleterious effects of heavy metal stress. Biosynthesis of amino acids/organic acids, phytochelatins (PCs), metallothioneins (MTs), heat-shock proteins (HSPs), metal chelators, chaperons, ABC-type transporters, and CDF family metal transporters are among the heavy metal binding or transporting mechanisms in plants. This chapter emphasizes phyto-miRNAs related to these tolerance mechanism pathways. Moreover, transcription factors which are targeted by heavy metal-related phyto-miRNAs are also summarized under the effect of various heavy metals due to their intertwined regulatory mechanisms.

Heavy Metal Stress , Gene Expression Regulation , Phyto-miRNAs , Metal-binding Proteins
Çelik, Ö., Ayan, A., Meriç, S., & Atak, Ç. (2020). Heavy metal stress-responsive Phyto-miRNAs. In Cellular and molecular phytotoxicity of heavy metals (pp. 137-155). Springer, Cham.