Kırgızlarda Evlilik Öncesi Kız Seçme Gelenekleri

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Kayhan, Shurubu

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Kyrgyz girl before marriage choices are rich in tradition and customs are quite magnificent. When selecting a Kyrgyz girl will be established as of the family's integrity, and to continue to raise their children manners and connects the future of this Foundation. From history to the present day as a wife and a mother name Kyrgyz are women always promise with envy. Looking back at the history of Kyrgyz literature and dealing with this issue are nice examples. Located between the world's largest epic "Manas" epic mother of the heroine, Manases mother Chayırdı, his wife Kanikey, sons wife Ai Churek, Janıl Mirza epik is Janıl Mirza, Er Tabıldı epik is Tabıldı's wefe Chachikey, his wife Kocacash in the saga saga of his wife as the most prominent example in Kocacash ın is of Zulayka. Kyrgyz is a wife, a mother, in the history of the people on our successful and talented woman who manages quite a lot. Kurmanjan Datka is just one of them. They leave a trail date with Kurmancan example as a wife and mother while talking about the Central Asian Turks took the title of the first "women's general" history is a hero. As each begin with the family to marry way society is matter between the Kyrgyz Turks. For this reason, when choosing unique Kyrgyz people by protecting their fathers traditions assign strong and wellestablished family have fought for. In this study, the most common girl featured traditions; Gaston didn't want girls with abductions of sole "Allah, the candidates own preferences, crib end milling, Bansal marriage and testamentary choice girl featured formats will be examined. This paper aims to Kirghiz Turkish forms of choice outside of girl-on-girl, like a cut-and-talking about gift-giving customs and traditions will be also included.



Kırgızlar, Evlilik, Gelenek ve Görenekler, Kyrgyz, Marriage, Traditions and Customs