Computer aided autism threapy system design

Akbulut, Akhan
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IEEE, 345 E 47th St, New York, Ny 10017 USA
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Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder such as Asperger's or Rett Syndrome, which damages social interaction and contact with the environment of individuals that prevents brain development. In Turkey, 600,000 cases of autism spectrum disorder is known and one-third of this population is estimated as the children in the age range of 0-14. Specials therapies with private trainers are used for the treatment in specific institutions. Within the scope of this project computer-assisted therapies will be developed as a part of this special therapies. The proposed system offers various autism therapy trainings through the displays and patient interactions will be transferred via sensors of Kinect for Windows device to the computers. The system accelerates the stages of education of autistic children's and will support their education. The aim of the project is finish autistic children's education as fun as a playing game without tightening and help to accelerate their learning processes with revealing supplementary materials to family members and education foundations. With this software written for Kinect on Windows technology, a set consisting of a majority of autistic children's education will be created. This set can be easily provided and used by both schools teaching and both families. The previous studies are variety of games that may interest children's attention.
Engineering, Biomedical, Engineering, Electrical & Electronic