Modernlik Ve Gelenekçilik İkileminde Türkiye’de Kamu Diplomasisi Ve Ülke Kimliği

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Kurt, Gözde

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The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication

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With the globalization, our perceptions about the other countries have started to diversify and underwent a change. By the fast circulation of people, intellectual commoduties, products and information in the world, countries stand out with their identities too. In the world of today, where countries are more visible and attainable, we see that countries behave as persons who try to express themselves to others. At this point, what should Turkey do which is a Western country according to the East, and an Easterner acoording to the West that has aims to open up itself to the world? Is communication with the other countries and its people by keeping the local elements and characteristics a better communication strategy or should it underline its Western identity? According to Huntington, Turkey is one of the “lonely” countries in the world. This means that it does not belong to any big culture. The dilemma of Turkey which is a country between globalisation and localization in the international arena will be analyzed according to the two main questions asked above by discussing concepts of modernity and traditionism.



Globalization, Localization, Identity of Countries, Communication Strategy of Countries, Occidentalization, Orientalism, küreselleşme, Yerelleştirme, Ülkelerin Kimliği, Ülkeler İletişim Stratejisi, Oryantalizm