Marka Öykülemelerinin İnternette Kültürel Değerler Çerçevesinde Yansımaları

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Kılanç, Ruken Özgül
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication
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In today’s modern world, changes in technology are accompanied by changes in brand loyalties. Differentiating from their technological past, today’s sociaties are encompassed by an advanced technology culture. For directing these societies towards a pre-planned point, various and deliberate efforts should be designed. One of such efforts is using narratives, which may, by their components and functions, have a direct influence on individuals’ behaviour. Narratives are designed according to the values of a target group of people with the aim at directing their conceptions. Values influence individuals’ preferences by distinguishing “the good” from “the bad”, “the beautiful” from “the ugly”. Therefore, values can not be seperated from the narratives of products or services. Considering we live in an era where information and technology are married couples, finding examples of narrations on internet is not very uncommon. Narrations may have influence on purchasing behaviour of individuals. In this study, local and international brands which aim at reaching consumers by narrations on internet were investigated. A sample group of consumers on internet between ages 15-60 were studied with regard to brand-narrations interactions. Results of quantitative analysis were discussed.
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Narration and New Media, Digitalization, Perception and New Media, Anlatım ve Yeni Medya, Dijitalleşme, Algı ve Yeni Medya