The Internet Of Things (Iot) A Survey

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Nabati, Rouhollah
Taheri, Samira
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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The present study aims to review the latest status of Internet of Things. With the advent of Internet of Things, a new type of relationship emerged between objects and human as well as objects and objects. This technology was manifested by combining different technologies of communication and information and has created new dimensions in the world of communications. We can clearly perceive that the development of this technology requires serious efforts in various areas of knowledge including Communications and Information Technology (ICT), Informatics, Electronics and Social Engineering. In present paper, we attempted to investigate and compare different views about the Internet of Things in scientific and academic communities. We also study different technologies such as RFID -based systems and wireless sensor networks which are enabling technologies. Afterwards different applications of Internet of Things in everyday life and industry and finally the issues which demand further research and development will be reviewed.

Internet of Things , WSN , wireless sensor networks , examination , RFID