By The Power Of Sns, We Can… And Yet…Activism Through Sns: Potential And Limitations In Turkey

Görkem, Şenay Yavuz
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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication
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This research article summarizes the findings of a larger research study which attempted to gather data on Turkish activists’ perceptions on the scope, strength and limitations of digital activism. Qualitative data were collected via a web-based survey from 302 activists to find out what potential and limitations Turkish activists attribute to utilization of SNS for activism purposes. The results illustrated that a total of 263 activists in the sample appreciated SNS for providing a fertile ground for activism and a total of 131 activists drew attention to the potential of SNS for managerial purposes, for awareness raising and for creating positive publicity for the cause and the activists. The role of SNS for the maintenance of polyvocality was expressed by a total of 115 activists. The political environment, surveillance, control and manipulation of the internet, disbelief in jurisdiction, the fear atmosphere and the social environment were the limitations selfreported by the activists in the sample.
Digital activism, SNS, potential, limitations, Gezi, Dijital aktivism, sosyal paylaşım siteleri, potansiyel, sınırlılıklar