Blockchain's roles in enhancing supply chain objectives and transportation efficiency

Kırbaç, Gökhan
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Logisties serviees often play a key role in a firm 's ability to deliver eustomer value. It is also so crucial for transportation seetor. Among the key objeetives of an effeetive logisties and transportation serviees within supply ehain management involves getıing the produet in the right condition, in the right time and at the lowest possible eosts. Globalization of supply ehains and transportation modes makes their coordination and control more diffieult. Bloekehain technology enhanees transparency, traceability, and seeurity in global supply ehain and transportation. Measurement of supply ehain management performanee is often deseribed in terms of objeetives such as quality, speed, dependability, eost and flexibility. Bloekehain technology is a distributed ledger technology whieh is essentially a peer-to-peer distributed asset database that can be shared across a network of multiple sites, geographies or instilutions. The teehnology's core innovation lies in its ability to publicfy validate, record and distribute transaetions in immutable, enerypted ledgers. Bloekehain is a disruptive technology for the design, organization, operations, and general management of supply ehains. Many people believe that bloekehain technology will have a profound effeet on industries and societies onee it ereates a global network, allowing individuals, organizations and maehines to transaet with eaeh other without having to trust eaeh other or use third-party verifieation. Bloekehain technology is expeeted to provide more benefits with the rapid use ofnew teehnologies such as the Internet-oj-things (loT) and artifieial intelligence. The aim of this study is to analyze the both in terms of potential conceptual and applieation areas of the bloekehain technology in supply ehain and transportation. Then eomprehensive literature review will be performed in our study. Firstly, the bloekehain studies will be analyzed through ease studies and applieations and new model suggestions will be made for supply ehain and transportation. Furthermore, analyzes will be made on the statisties of eertain authorities on the use of bloekehain technology to reduee ineffieieney in the transportation seetor. In conclusion, Deloitte 's 2019 Global Bloekehain Survey will be analyzed and suggestions will be made aeeordingly.
Blockchain, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation and Efficieney, Blok Zincir, Tedarik Zinciri, Lojistik, Ulaştırma ve Verimlilik