Infrastructure asset management: case of Istanbul Atatürk Airport Terminal building

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Yiğit, Sadık
Özorhon Orakçal, Beliz
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Turkish Chamber Civil Engineers, Selanik Cad No 19-1, Kızılay, Ankara 06650, Turkey
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Advances in technology, changes in the regulations, and budget constraints enforce stakeholders of the infrastructure sector to improve their asset management performance. Asset management guarantees a reasonable return, ensures increased service quality and reduces the safety risks. The major objective of this paper is to present asset management as an effective way of operating and maintaining infrastructure assets. The paper introduces the principles of the asset management approach, reviews the areas of implementation, and highlights the benefits and challenges in the field of asset management. The paper also investigates the asset management system of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport terminal building that is selected as a case study. The case study identifies different components of the asset management process including how it has been established and used, what benefits it has brought and how it can be improved.
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Infrastructure, asset management, Istanbul Ataturk Airport