Positive Psychology, Positive Discipline: Blending Disciplines in ELT Classroom Management

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Tütüniş, Birsen
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Classroom management systems are the processes adopted by teachers and school managers to maintain appropriate behavior. However, the variety of classroom management systems sometimes causes confusion between positive discipline and classroom management. Positive discipline encourages students to focus on self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving skills. Blending positive psychology into ELT classes will create positive behavior towards language learning and will end up with the creation of positive student identities. However, despite the fact that effective classroom management results in positive outcomes, teachers report a lack of support in implementing classroom management strategies. This paper presents teachers' (N = 105) beliefs and attitudes towards positive discipline for better classroom management. Subject teachers are chosen randomly from kindergarten to upper secondary schools with the maximum diversity sampling method. A questionnaire designed by the presenter and validated by field experts was used to collect the data. It is an ongoing project, and the results will be given during the presentation.
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