Examining of time-space compression caused by Urban Transportation

Evliyaoğlu, Furkan
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The study firstly focuses on the concepts of time and space, the changing concept of time and space with the changing social structure, and then on the concept of time and space compression due to developments in transportation and communication technology. Transportation and communication technology, which triggers time and space compression, has affected the lives of individuals in different ways. Time space compression can be expressed as people, goods and information quickly overcome spatial barriers and lose the importance of distance between places with developing transportation and communication technology. With time-space compression, time has passed the concept of space. In addition, the concept of speed, which is one of the most important features of the 21st century cities, has triggered time-space compression when individuals life. Individuals living in mega metropolises such as Istanbul, where speed and mobility are very significant, are involved in this compression with their everyday life home-to-work processes. Because individuals travelling by the developed urban transportation vehicles such as metro, metrobus without real-time experience without getting stuck on spatial barriers. Within the scope of this study, it is aimed to examine the travel experiences of individuals who live in Istanbul and use urban transportation during their journey from home to work and to reveal the time-space compression.
Time-space Compression, Urban Transportation, Public Transportation, Mobility