Online Bir Mizah Platformu Olarak Püfterem İnternet Sitesi Ve Yalan Haber Servisi Ajans News Üzerinden Haber, Gerçeklik Ve Mizah İlişkisi

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Yegen, Ceren

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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication

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The humour is a phenomenon which is beyond of various visuals, pictures and narratives which make people laugh. The humour which sometimes refer satire or reference, sometimes refer comic generally take part in media contents. Caricatures, visuals, pictures and narratives frequently took part in written media organs. In these days the humour is shaped and formed depending on new communication technolojies. It is also moved from written areas to websites. Therefore generally when we talk about the media contents which have the characteristics of news and the phenemenon of humour, questioning of the relationship between the humour and the reality is required. Thus in this study the news which were published in the range of April 29, 2013 - May 29, 2014 in “Ajans News” which is a doctored news agency and takes part in “PÜFTEREM” ( humour website, were examined with Van Dijk’s critical discourse analysis, hereby the relationship with news, reality and humour were discussed on the basis of these news. We saw at the end of the study which have an institutional framework about new media paradigms, PÜFTEREM’s (is an online humour platform is occured with new medias’ opportunities) doctored news agency Ajans News’ nearly all news had the characteristics of ridicule and warning. These ridicules and warnings were also devoted to State of the Republic of Turkey, any government agencies and any nongovernmental organizations.



Mizah, Medya, İnternet, Püfterem, Ajans News, Haber, Humour, Media, The Internet, Ajans News, News