İnternette Çocukları Bekleyen Riskler Ve Medya Okuryazarlığı

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Karahisar, Tüba

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The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication

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Family members and school friends are the people first encountered by children in the socialization process. Outside of the real world, where this face to face communication is established, the mass media, especially the Internet are where children spend most of their time, even in the form of dependence, the so-called Internet addiction sometimes. Children use the Internet mostly for homeworks and research, chatting with friends, listening music, fun, watching educational videos, gaming, and recreation in social media websites. Unscrupulous publishing of the websites and difficulty in controlling the Internet pose a risk, particularly for primary-school children. Children are able to access websites with the elements of violence or sexually explicit photos easily because of unconscious use and the indifference of parents. The aim of this study is to reveal why eighth graders use the Internet and the risks of this usage, to uncover the awareness of families in protecting their children against risks, and to find out the importance of Internet literacy through survey method.



Medya Okuryazarlığı, Eleştirel Medya Okuryazarlığı, İnternet Okuryazarlığı, Media Literacy, Critical Media Literacy, Internet Literacy